Adding music to your powerpoint

You need to create a powerpoint as part of a parent session. You have lots of images of students doing activities in the classroom and on excursions. You have found a fantastic piece of music (creative commons as you will be playing to an audience) and you want it playing in the background of your powerpoint.

Find creative commons music and then save the piece of music to your own PC.

If using Powerpoint 2013, here are instructions and a video to help with adding audio to your powerpoint.

Microsoft gives even easier instructions for playing across all slides using Powerpoint 2013 or 2016.

Earlier versions of powerpoint have instructions here, but they are similar to those mentioned above.

Game show in class

There is a great website called Kahoot. Have you ever used it? It allows you to create quizzes and game shows to use in class. Students just need the URL of the website and a number key you give them. They don’t have to sign up or join anything at all. They can use any device to play but they need to see the screen you have put the game on eg smartboard or whiteboard in front of the room.

Here are some links to help you with Kahoot:

A Kahoot video for the basics on how to create one yourself

An article about how Kahoot came about

Where the kids go to play the game

Teachers and students: What would be some great topics to create a Kahoot about?


Term 3 begins

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday break. As you might have realised, I headed to Denver, Colorado where I presented about the student blogging challenge I run twice a year. I am hoping your classes will take part in term 4 when the next challenge begins in October.

Have you written a post to begin your new term?

Maybe you have been brave and tried a new tool for the blog. Here is one I can suggest: Padlet

What is a padlet?

It is a blank page where you can easily drag and drop video, text, images, sound, documents. Check out this tour of padlet.

What else is great is that it is free and you have total control over the amount of privacy of your padlet. According to their terms of service, children under 13 cannot create their own free padlets.

To get around this, they have also created a teacher monthly, annual or school plan. You can opt for $5 per month or $45 per year for an individual teacher and then each child can create their own padlets connected via you.

Here is an example of a padlet and I would like you and your students to add your ideas to it.

Just click on the plus sign, add your name as the title and then add your idea on the next line.

Ideas for coding in classrooms

Coding is one of those areas in which many teachers have very few ideas of using it in the classroom. So while I was at ISTE I tried to go to some sessions or gather notes from coding activities. Here are some of them. I haven’t looked through them yet but you might find some things of interest to you.

Using robots to create empathy in the classroom – a padlet presentation
Coding for educators
Helping kids code from Scratch – a Google slide presentation
Kids can code – links to website with lots of ideas
Tickle me robot – beyond the hour of code program
Even K-2 students can code – lots of ideas on this page

Just received an email from one of the exhibitor booths for a coding program called Bitsbox. This did look interesting when I saw it in use in the expo hall.

I’ll add more as I go through more resources from ISTE2016. But here are a couple of photos of bee bots and blue bots which allows more difficult coding to be used.



I’m at ISTE2016

I am at ISTE2016 in Denver, Colorado as I write this post.

I am writing the post at 9.45am Denver time but I don’t expect any of the students or teachers in Tasmania to be up at this time. Why?

You might like to look at time zones sometime in class and work out how many kilometres away I am from Tasmania and how many hours ahead or behind I am. Is it the same day in Denver as it is in Tasmania?

What is ISTE2016?

ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education. I have been to four ISTE conferences over the last few years. Each time I put on a display about the student blogging challenge which I run twice a year. Some of the students in Mrs Coe’s class took part in it last year.

The conference runs for about 4 days and I will be writing some posts about things I learn at the sessions I attend.

The first big session was called HackEd – this was an unconference in that it was those who attended who decided on what was happening on the day.

Today I will be heading to Global Education Day – will get lots of ideas about how to connect globally.

Tonight I will be presenting the poster display about the Student Blogging Challenge along with my friend Mrs Watanabe from California. The posters on the display were designed by three students who took part in the challenge this March. The students were from New Zealand, Canada and Portugal so it will definitely be a global presentation.

Tomorrow on I will be attending many small sessions but also looking at lots of other poster displays and also going to the exhibition hall where all the sponsors put up their displays and show you how their technology is better than someone else’s. It can take days to wander around the hall.


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