4 thoughts on “All About Me – Zeke

  1. Mrs Moore

    Hi Zeke. Thank you for writing this post, and thank you for checking your spelling so carefully! This is the only “All About Me” post where I have not had to correct lots of spelling mistakes! Your perseverance to get your spelling correct, is to be greatly admired! If I could add anything to your post, I would say that you have the strength of courage and perseverance. You can certainly do some amazing tricks on your skateboard and BMX bike! These must have taken a lot of practice … and courage to tackle in the first place!

  2. gou21kitty

    Dear Zeke. I don’t have a bmx I’m sorry to say. I have seen you on your scooter stunts and skateboard stunts – i’ts really amazing! I can’t ride a skateboard. I’m not as good as you on your scooter but I’m not going to give up. I am going to have a growth mindset.

  3. gou20georgina

    hi zeke, i’m sorry but don’t have bmx :(. i love your AWESOME moves.
    keep on inproving on your sunts!

  4. gou20oscar

    I absolutely love a bmx any day. Sadly I don’t have one. Also, once at the skate park one almost ran me over! Bye and I hope you don’t get run over!


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