Week 10: Etch a sketch

This week we are learning about maths blocks, wires, and the display. These skills will help you with our next major assessment task, the game design minor project.

In today’s challenge, Etch-A-Sketch, you will use the motors on the robot as sensors. The motors will act as dials for steering a virtual pencil around the display of the brick. You can find details of the challenge on the Robotics Challenges page.

Here is today’s qualifying activities: Etch Qualifiers-1dba6es

Good Luck,


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Here is how to log into the blog.

  1. Get your username (I sent it to you in an e-mail).

  1. Go to the log in page http://www.xpress360.net.au/robotics/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.xpress360.net.au%2Frobotics
  2. Click on the forgotten password link

  1. Check your e-mail for the password reset link.

  1. Change your password.

Once you have done that, click on the link that says ‘New’ and make a simple ‘Hello’ blog post.

Week 3 – 20 February

Four skills tasks
1) Check e-mail for message with your username and links to reset, then reset your blog password and  make one word blog post, “Hello”.
2) Scavenger hunt: table of reflected light levels
3) Table of light sensor colours: three columns – colour, sensor reading, item/location
4) Screen capture: data logging experiment for reflected light values: what happens at different distances?

Results submitted in a Word document to Fronter.

  1. Blog post: Instructions here


  1. Scavenger Hunt: reflected light using port view
  2. Colour: using port view
  3. Screen capture: data logging.

A: Include the URL for your blog post in the Word Document; bold headings on your tables; sorted tables; neat tables, centered in cell when appropriate; appropriately spaced columns; data values evenly spread across the range of values; table of values and callouts for the screen capture; all of the C at-standard criteria
C: Simple Blog post; tables for tasks  2 and 3; screen capture for 4; clearly different levels for screen capture
t: word document submitted, but most at-standard criteria not met
Z: no work submitted

Challenge:  to be announced

Week 2 – Fri 17 Feb

Today we have four goals:

  1. Scavenger hunt: use port view on the sensors to measure light.
  2. Use data logging on the robots to measure light
  3. Upload a Word Document with our results to Fronter
  4. Building Challenge: TBA

Using port view:

Here are some instructions for using port view (see half way down the page): link

You first skills task:

Take the pencil, paper, robot and a light sensor on a scavenger hunt and find locations with 10 different AMBIENT light levels (not reflected or colour). Set the light sensor to ambient light.  You have 10 minutes. Return to class, put the information into a Word document and upload it to Fronter. link

If you have extra time, try reflected light.

Today’s mini-challenge: F1 race course. 1 point, cross the first line; 2 points, cross the second line; three points, stop exactly on the second line.

Your second skills task:


Open up EV3 Mindstorms program. Start a new EXPERIMENT, not a new program. Choose how long to record for. Choose what mode your light sensor is in (ambient). Upload your experiment to the brick. Disconnect and the use the brick screen to find your experiment (it should be on the second tab, under ‘project’, unless you renamed your project). Press go, and take your robot on a journey. Bring the robot back, plug it in, and then go to the ‘Tools’ menu and choose ‘data log file manager’. Down load your data. Now take a screen capture by pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard. Open up a Word document and press ‘paste’. For a B on this task, add a label below the screen capture: list the significant way points on your journey: in class, in hall, near office, outside door, full sunlight. For an A on this task, right click on the screen capture and add callouts to label the screen capture.  Here is how: link

When we have finished the second skills task, we move on to today’s building challenge!

(Not announced until after skills tasks: One motor challenge. 50 cm, 30 seconds, fewest parts)