We’ve Been Busy!

Hi Mr E,

We haven’t been building or completing challenges for a couple weeks because we have been preoccupied with extra-curricular activities. We will only have this one session left before we go on Easter holidays, so we will again be unable to communicate or work on challenges. I hope to contact you again as soon as possible!

Kind regards

Perth (2)

We’ve been busy

Dear Mr E,

SO SO SO sorry we have not posted in what seems like forever we have been caught up in so many other activities which meant future minds had to be cancelled 🙁  So Ashtyn in here to say…


Hopefully you can forgive us we are working on a robot we not sure what design thingy we should do, there are so many options! Well that’s all for now.

Talk again soon


Fun Fair Fantasies

Hi Mr E,

Today we did research on ideas for a ride or arcade game to make. We have some thoughts on what we can do but we don’t have a definite plan yet. We haven’t got around to programming. We are thinking about doing something like a whack-a-mole game, a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel or a get it in the hole game. We are still thinking about which one would work better than the others. We also had the idea of a claw game, but we realised that it would be too hard to make all the fingers move to pick up the prize.


From Katiya, Lydia and Miki.

Montague Bay – Dance

Hi Smartbots,

This afternoon we finished building the first robot. We watched the first video about how to make your robot dance. We followed the steps to make the robot move forward, back, left and right. We then experimented with zig zagging. We experimented with changing the settings on the motors. We will get back to this next term and create our own dance.

From Hamish. Oliver and Laura