I Feel Like Dancing!

Hi Bob,

Sorry we have been absent for a while – the blog wasn’t working. Last week we figured out how to make our robot dance and play Mary Had a Little Lamb at the same time. We put the music in by playing the individual nots into our programming. Here is the dance:


And here is a small bit of the programme:

From Bo, Dylan and Cameron.


Hi Mr E,

Lately we have been starting  programing, so far we have programmed them to go forward and backwards, turn around in a circle and stop. A few weeks ago we secretly let them off into our class room everyone thought it was really funny. We have been having lots of fun with our bots.

Bot updates

Hi Mr E,

Lately programing bots is getting hard. Having lots of options is really hard. The bot can do a lot of stuff and when it falls of the table I blame the bot. Everything else to do with the bot otherwise is great.  There is nothing wrong with it.



Hi Mr E,

Lately we finished our bot.  Now we are just starting to program them.

We let two of the bots roll through our classroom every one started laughing at them.

We have programmed them to spin in circles roll forwards until they sense that there is a wall and roll backwards.



Hello from FPS

Hello again!

Today we were split up into 2 groups. One of the groups was programming a square, and the other group was reviewing the 1st challenge, “Do a little dance” to get ready for next week.

See our video below to see our work!

We can’t wait for next week when we get started on our first challenge!

Goodbye for now,

Sascha, Josh, Joe, Jamie and Emanuel.