December 21

Walter Elias Disney!

Hey guys, its Amelie!

Ever since I was little I loved Disney movies and especially the man behind it all! Walt Disney.

Walter was born on the 5th of December, 1901 and sadly passed on the 15th of December, 1966. he died a great man.

Him and is brother Roy, founded Walt Disney productions then Walt went on to become on of the most famous movie makers in the world.

His first ever animation was the small, popular Mickey Mouse that we still know today!

Now days cartoon movies have come more advanced and the graphics have developed so well over the years.

Walt Disney was a truly great man!

That’s all for now, BYE!!!!!! 😜😜😜                        Jolien Van Houtven via CompfightHi there Mickey

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December 20

Minds are weird. By Alec

This is a post about how your mind can play tricks on you every once in a while. Read this post to understand what I’m talking about.

Exhibit .1

Quickly read the following sentence.


you had

six apples and the

the president ate them,

then you would have none.

Most people read the sentence like “If you had six apples and the president ate them them, then you would have none.” but it actually reads “If you had six apples and>the the<president ate them, then you would have none.” if you read it carefully it has two of the word “the” in it. many people already know this one but I did it anyways.

   Exhibit .2

This one needs you to say the colors and not the words as fast as you can. Sounds easy right? Give it a go.


Not so easy is it. 🙂

Exhibit .3

Thes one is qite inntresting. As you cen see moset of theese worrds arre misspelt but sttill reedabale, studdyes sey if the firrst and lasst letor of the wurd are sttil the seme than it becombs reccognisible.

Tell me if you can or can’t read it in the comments.

If you enjoyed then comment your favorite “exhibit” and say which one surprised you the most.



December 18


Hi its Sienna here,

Christmas is a time of giving and to be kind to people and other things but that’s changing and that’s not good , now all people care about is getting gifts from santa and their parents. we should spend more time with family and friends not sitting and watching T.V but at Christmas you should be having fun even if you don’t get what you wanted for Christmas.

At Christmas time my family goes down to Bruny island with our grand parents and cousins and we spend the day at the beach, we also don’t mind if we didn’t get the gift we wanted.Weihnachtsmütze auf weißem WeihnachtsbaumschmuckCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

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December 18


Hey guys, its Amelie 😝 and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.

Its almost Christmas which means hanging with family on a really hot day, waking up super early to see if Santa has come, having luxury feasts and my favourite, opening presents!🎁

My parents always tell me to wake them up at earliest, 6:00 am but I always get up at around half-past five to see if Santa has actually came and every year, without fail- The carrots are munched, the cookies crunched 🍪, the milk was gone and the presents were under the tree, about to be torn open!

My brother and I always get the best gifts 😇 and when we go to wake up mum and dad they’re always complaining!

Now, I’ve been talking a lot about presents and stuff when that’s not what Christmas is actually about… Christmas is about spending time with your family and having fun. But yes, it is nice to open your presents, and if you’re a parent it is nice seeing your child’s faces light up when they see what they got. 😊

That’s all for now.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!  🎅🎅🎅

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December 4


Hi everyone Helen here.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick and I stayed at my  gran’s house because my mum has to work. I got bored and was fiddling with a paper clip and made a minny caterpult with a scrunched up pice of paper as the cannon ball. A scrunched up pice of tin foil would probably have worked better but oh well. Here’s how you make it!


in this video I was using the wrong tipe of paper clip it is better to use big metal ones like in the next video of it firing. 

another way to make a caterpult is with a bull-clip here is the first way… 

… and here is the second way

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