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Welcome Back!

My holidays

My holidays

Hi everyone and welcome back to a new term of blogging. It is exciting to see many new faces and a few old ones, Acacia, Polly and Emily! I had a fantastic holiday and I hope you did too. I’m keen to hear about what you all did so I’d like you to pick one highlight of your holiday and write a comment about it. Looking forward to reading your responses.

Mrs H





California Zephyr  "East Meets West"   

It is Ruby again and I am going to be talking about Victorian trains.

They have three types of trains and here they are V-line (Passenger), Metro (Passenger) and Cargo(Equipment). Did you now V-lines go around the whole of Victoria. And also did you now Metros stop in a place called Pakenham. By Ruby bye.




L1100500 - 2014-01-08 at 13-07-08 Den Flater viaApproaching fox pup Compfight

Hi my name is jazmine but you can call me foxy. Today I am here to talk about foxes. foxes are personal favourite animal. I think we all know what a fox is but do we know about them? Well now we will find out.There are different types of foxes but if someone says fox you will normally think of a red fox like the one in the picture. what is your favourite amimal? 🙂

 Scott Sherrill-Mix via Compfightm



Hi our names are Madeline and Ashlee and we’re here to tell you about Batman. Batman is a super hero. there are lots of superheros like superman spider man green lantern wonder women batgirl the flash and more. Batman has lots of gadgets. His enemy is the joker that’s all we know about batman bye.Batman with BatarangCreative Commons License Wacko Photographer via Compfight

p.s  what’s your favourite super hero


Mythical creatures (from Greece)


There are lots of mythical creatures some good and some  bad. Good being satyrs and PegasusHydra. Bad being hydras and gorgons. Personally my favourite would either be phoenix or a hydra. They are both sooo cool! Hydras have a cool trick where when you hurt it’s head it grows two more! Also a phoenix is made out of fire, when it dies its ashes turn into a new phoenix again over and over. It basically lives forever! There are other cool creatures as well like the minotaur(half bull half man), the furies (evil half lady half bats),sirens (merman that make song to lure people and eat them), and gorgons which are ladies that have snakes for hair and when they look at you,  they make you into stone. Then there are also gods like Hades, Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Hermes, Hera, etc. etc. That is all for the squishy report!



Minions, inside out and hotel Transalvania

Creative Commons License Blogging Dagger via CompfightCreative Commons License Beachwalk Minions Risdian via CompfightBeachwalk Minions Risdian via CompfightBlogging Dagger via Compfight

Our names are Ashlee and Polly. Ashlee’s has a lot of  favourite minion words. Two of them are bello which means hello and baboi which means toy. Polly has the same favourite minion word as Ashlee . Our favourite minion in the minion movie is Bob. We have both seen the minion movie. Have you seen the movie minions? We have both seen the movie inside out. There are five different emotions, joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear. What is your favourite emotion? We have both seen Hotel Transalvania. We both like mavis Draculas daughter. Have you seen the movie Hotel Transalvania?


All About Turtles

TurtleCreative Commons License Mihnea Stanciu via Compfight

There are many types of turtles such as the green turtle and the long necked turtle and the snaping turtle. Baby turtles follow the moonlight to find their way into the sea. Turtles go back to the same beach they were born on.

Turtles are part of the reptile family. turtle are cold blooded animals and they usually have scales. Some other reptiles are snakes, crocodiles, and lizards.



1447908894092-1491964712Birds can come in lots of different  kinds for example Parrots, Cockatiels, Budgies and many others. They can come in lots of colours  like Green, Blue and many more colours. I have three birds of my own  they are called Issy, Sunny  and Kozy I have a budgie, a Cockatiel  and an Indian ringneck of my own.

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My favourite books

By Jessica.   I have a lot of books.

My favourite nonfiction book is Titanic and my favourite fiction book is Impossible Quest.

I also have a hole case of Lord of the Rings, Roald Dahl and star wars books.

I will tell you about some of my other hobbies in my next posts.

ps. what is your favourite hobby?

Brightly colored constructionCreative Commons License Nic McPhee via CBradel Case (Built-in Groove) Closed Suzy via Compfightompfight Suzy via Compfight


The Hobbit

Hobbit Windows 

Yortw via Compfight

The hobbit is a very awesome film, in fact it is my favourite film. It is about a hobbit who goes on a massive adventure though middle earth with dwarves and Gandalf. And a MASSIVE THANKS to New Zealanders  because  you guys made the movie. You guys are the people who made the awesome movie. PS when did you make the Lord Of The Rings And the hobbit.



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