August 8



I have done  a post about Hawaii, here it is.

I found out that there are only twelve letters in the Hawaiian alphabet! The Hawaiian flag has red, blue and white horizontal stripes and the union jack in the top left corner. The capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu. Hawaii has eight volcanoes still activeCreative Commons License Robert Linsdell via Compfight

Sandy Beach Park, Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu (503319)



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4 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Zach,
    Have you ever been to Hawaii? I have spent a week there on the island with lots of active volcanoes. It was interesting walking on an area that had lava flowing below it.

    1. Zach (Post author)

      No I haven’t but I would love to go there and go to a luau. I,m hoping to go there when I am older!

  2. Hanna-jane

    Hi Zach,
    That is very interesting that the Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters! I did not know that.

  3. Kieran

    Wow Zach,
    You know a lot about Hawaii!
    Is it dangerous living in Hawaii with all the active volcanoes?
    It would be hard to write things with only 12 letters!
    I don’t think I could.


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