August 8


Hi everyone,

As you can see, I am a HUGE Superman fan. Did you know that there 7 types of kryptonite? I can even name them all!

Superman has many enemys. Like the parasite,who can temperorely drain superheros powers(and weaknesses…),and use them for him self.

But we all know this one, Lex Luthor!

Hope you enjoyed! Superman out.    By FlynnMan of Steel Clement Soh via Compfight






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4 thoughts on “SUPERMAN!!!!!

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Flynn,
    I didn’t know there were different types of kryptonite. You might need to write another post explaining what they are and what effect they would have on Superman.

    1. Flynn (Post author)

      Hi Miss W
      thanks for replying.
      I’ve been trying to think of another post but i couldn’t think of

    1. Flynn (Post author)

      Hi Yanna,
      well, kryptonite is a made up element that is one of the only things that can kill superman.


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