August 8


Our school needs to cut back the amount of waste!!

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Do you have a compost bin at home? If not you should get one! Then if you have one you should keep your fruit and veggie scraps in your lunch box and put it in the compost bin at home. This can help reduce waste. Although we SHOULD have one at school!! Also you should try and use less packaging and plastics.


Olivia and Yanna      Who agrees with us???


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13 thoughts on “WASTE IS TERRIBLE!!!

  1. Kieran

    Great post
    Sounds like a good idea but what would the school do with all the compost, they might use a bit for the school garden but if every student uses it, it will overflow!!!

  2. Helen

    Hi Olivia and Yanna,
    I totally agree with you! Our school SHOULD have compost bin and no one should should be using plastic packaging!

  3. Ava

    hi Yanna and Olivia
    I would suggest talking to your principle or teacher and seeing if you can get compost bin. What are other ways we can help the environment more at school and home?

  4. Zach

    You guys did a good job I really hope our earth cuts down on its rubbish!What else are you going to post about.

  5. Miss W.

    G’day Olivia and Yanna,
    Instead of a compost bin, why not have a worm farm. I have one at my house and the worms love eating vegetable scraps especially if they are soft. Then with the liquid (worm poo) you can collect in a watering can and put around the plants at school. With their droppings or casings, you can add to the soil and dig it in like a fertilizer.

    1. Olivia

      ok cool! Thanks for the idea it sounds great!
      At home we have some worm poo (I call it worm wee)and put it in the garden it really helps.
      olivia (:

  6. Amelie

    Hey guys,
    I totally agree, we DO need to cut down on our schools waste!
    I wonder how many people in our school compost or know about climate change and what we’re learning about?
    Amelie :p


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