August 9

Basking Sharks

Hi it’s Kieran here

Just wanted to share some more detailed info about basking sharks!

  1. Basking Sharks are one of 3 filter feeding sharks including the whale shark and the megamouth shark. The first video is about basking sharks and the bottom ones are of the megamouth and whale shark.
  2. Basking Sharks are currently the second largest shark alive and can grow up to 10 metres
  3. Basking Sharks are named basking sharks because they are normally found at the surface of the water basking in the sun
  4. Basking Sharks eat small krill and plankton
  5. Basking Sharks are massive but harmless and have never harmed anyone
  6. Basking Sharks are in the Vulnerable category next to Endangered because they are hunted for shark fin soup and shark liver oil
  7. Basking Sharks have adapted to filter feeding extremely well, they have developed a massive mouth and gill rakers in its mouth


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6 thoughts on “Basking Sharks

  1. Zach

    Wow Kieran that basking shark’s mouth is huge. I liked reading about the basking shark I didn’t know that basking sharks are the second largest shark in the ocean! I liked the video on the whale shark they are my favourite sea creature.

  2. Flynn

    Hi Kieran,
    man! Those shark vidios on your post? I saw some links to them and it was weird! There was one about megoleadons siteings and another about mermaids!

  3. Helen

    Hi Kieran,
    I love your post. Basking sharks are awesom! I wonder what it would have felt like for the person filming!
    Ps how did you get that video on your post?

  4. Hanna-jane

    Hi Kieran,
    Basking Sharks are very interesting when you know more about them! I find it sad that Basking Sharks get use for Shark Fin Soup and Shark Liver Oil. And wow are Basking Sharks really 10 metres long. I would feel like an ant if I was filming.

  5. Kieran (Post author)

    also to get the videos on to your post from youtube you need to follow these steps,
    1. When you are posting click Add media whitch is next to the compfight pictures button.
    2. When you are on Add media “click insert from URL”
    3. Make a new tab and search for youtube
    4. When you are on youtube search for the video you want and click the SHARE button which is underneath the video
    5. When you click the SHARE button there will be a link which is hilighted blue
    6. Copy that link and go back to the posting tab
    7. Delete the https// which is in the insert from URL part and paste the link
    8. Click insert to post and you have the video on your post!


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