6 thoughts on “Puppies and Dogs

  1. Zach

    Hi Ava
    I love your cute puppy pictures I would love to cuddle them all but I think the one at the bottom is the cutest!

  2. Sammy

    Aww!! How CUTE! I love dogs too! They are very loyal pets! I have a dog named Fraiser! He is a boy and he is a Malti-poo!

  3. Maddison

    Hi Ava I (like Zach) I love your pictures they are so cute and like Zach again I would love to cuddle the bottom dog.I as well think that no matter how old your dog is he or she is still very cute.

  4. Sienna

    Hi Ava love the post. The dogs are so cute. I think my favourite ones are the brown ones and the white one. What one is your favourite?

  5. Kieran

    Wow Great post ava they are so cute!!!🙂
    I like the puppy under the top one the best!
    Maybe you could do a post with info about lots of different types of dogs!

  6. Jack

    So cute!!!
    I also have a dog she is now 4 years old.
    What colour is your dog? What is your favourite breed of dog?
    My favourite puppy is the one in the black and white format.
    Awesome job! 👌


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