August 10

London Eye

Zach here,

Here is some information on the London Eye.The London Eye was built for the Empire Of India Exhibition. It was opened on the 17th of july 1999 it was supposed to be similar to the original ferris wheel in Chicago. It is 135 metres tall and 120 metres in width. The London Eye is on the south bank of the River Thames. You can see alot of London from the top of the London Eye. The London Eye is the most popular paid attraction in the UK! I’ve been on the London Eye so I know that the view is beautiful! If you ever go to London go to the London Eye!

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3 thoughts on “London Eye

  1. Jae

    Hi Zach,
    I never knew that London Eye was based of a different ferris wheel!
    My mom have been on the London Eye and she said it was amazing! I really want to go to London and see it!

  2. Kieran

    Wow Zach,
    You know a lot about the london eye.
    It is massive, I never knew that it was based on another ferris wheel!
    Do you know how many people can go on the london eye at one time?
    Great post,

  3. Jack

    Wow amazing post!
    I have been on the London Eye when I went to England a few years ago! The view is absolutely fantastic from up there! Some of the info about it a didn’t know though.
    Really interesting post Zach,
    Well done! 🙂


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