August 10

Sports are Great

Hi! It is William.

Sports are great; they make you fit and strong. Sports are healthy for you. When you play sport you get to learn fun new strategies and sharp movement skills.Sometimes you can show of some cool skills at school. Sports can be lots of different things for example soccer, netball, swimming, hockey, and bike riding ect. My favourite sport is soccer and my favourite team is Arsenal. What is your favourite sport and what is your favourite team?


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7 thoughts on “Sports are Great

  1. Kieran

    Wow great post Will
    Nice video
    Also I would like to know all the teams and countries Lionel Messi has played for and some info about him

    1. William (Post author)

      Hi Kieran. I think messi has only played for barcelona. he is the shortest forward in the world. most hat tricks in the world.

  2. Jack

    Wow William what a great post. I have quite a lot of favourite sports like soccer, netball and a few more. Also love the video of Lionel Messi.

    1. William (Post author)

      Thank you Jack. What is your favourite team. have you tried snow boarding? Next weekend we are going snow boarding.

  3. Hayden

    Hi William
    Hayden here I was wondering what your favourite player is. My favourite player is Lionel Messi. Who is your favourite player. ⚽️⚽️⚽️🏉🏉🏒🏒🎱🎱


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