August 10


Hi all, today I will be telling you all about the Vaquita.

The Vaquita is a species of porpoise which lives in the Gulf of California. The Vaquita’s main diet is squid, crab and fish. Vaquita’s can live up to about the age of 22 but at the moment they aren’t living for so long because they are getting stuck in the illegal fishing nets. The Vaquita have one calf in the summer or spring every two years or more. Vaquita’s can also die because sharks eat them. Surprising there are only 30 left in the world and we need to make a difference. If we support the Vaquita by donating money or just spreading the world we can hopefully ban these illegal fishing nets!

Anyway back to the information. Vaquita’s are a type of marine mammal, which means that they live underwater but breathe on land. Vaquita’s need to breathe which is fine when they are awake but what if they are asleep? Their brain which is just like our is spilt into two halves. When a Vaquita is asleep one half of the brain is awake and the asleep. This means that the Vaquita can still continue breathing and can prevent itself from drowning. This is how it can sleep.

After all this information I hope that you have learnt a lot! 🙂

By Jack


Pacific white-sided dolphinCreative Commons License Yutaka Seki via Compfight

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  1. Kieran

    Nice post Jack
    Also how did you manage to remember all of that?
    I remember most but not all of it
    Great work.


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