August 11

My dog Fraiser!


Hi, Sammy here! I would like to introduce you to my dog Fraiser!

He is a boy and he is five months old. He is a creamy colour Malti-poo shown in the picture. He is a cross breed between a Maltese and Poodle. Fraiser is a very playful dog! He LOVES chewing things.. It sometimes gets a bit annoying! Once he chewed his whole bed to pieces so we had to buy another one.. BUT that bed got ruined too so we had to buy him another bed but we sprayed a no chew spray on it so it is all good now! Fraiser’s favourite colour is green because once at his training school they had play time and there were loads of different types of toys but he only played with all the green ones!




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14 thoughts on “My dog Fraiser!

    1. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Zoe!
      Thanks so much! Your dog Scarlett is very cute too! The name Scarlett is such a nice name! Who named your dog?! And yeah I find it amazing that Fraiser’s favourite colour is green as well!!

    1. Zoe

      Yeah. That would be annoying, but then again, he’s just a puppy, and I remember when Scarlett, my dog, chewed up my shoes completely, the day after I bought them! She and her next door neighbour/ brother, Paddy, got a stern telling off for it though.

    2. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Jack!
      Thanks. It happened a few months ago and Fraiser was so small! He was only about 3 months old when we had to replace his bed!

  1. Zach

    Hi Sammy
    What a cute dog. A dog is my dream I would love one. My cat is abit annoying sometimes aswell with all his meowing for food but he is so cute!

    1. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Zach!
      Thanks so much! I wish I could see your cat because I love cats too! Dogs are great pets. They are very loyal and will love you till you die or they die!

    1. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Ainy!
      Thank you very much!! So my Family was at the dinner table one night and we were talking about Fraiser! We were each taking turns to share a name we could call him! We came up with Popcorn, Bailey, Pogi (pogi means handsome in the Philippines), Butterscotch and Fraiser!! And the day we got Fraiser we called the names we thought of and when I said Fraiser he came to me and licked me!
      Thanks, Sammy!

  2. Amelie

    hi Sammy, you dog is so cute, the only words i can think of are awwwwwww! love that his favorite colour is green! 🙂

    1. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Amelie!
      Thank you so much!! Your dog Augie is so so cute too!!
      I cannot believe his favourite colour is green too!

  3. Kieran

    Great post Sammy,
    That dog looks very cute!
    It would have been annoying that you had to replace his bed twice! How old was he when you got him?

    1. Sammy (Post author)

      Hi Kieren!
      Thank you so much! It was a bit annoying that we had to replace his bed! Friaser was around 6 weeks old when we got him!! Do you have any pets?!


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