August 11

Sports by Brodie

I enjoy running and sports because it gets you fit and healthy. Every time you run you get fitter and get better at it. When you play sports you can go through many sports until you find one your good at one or enjoy. I support everyone to go outside and try a sport and possibly show off some cool skills at school.


I started playing soccer in Prep and have played to this day. I enjoy my sport and using soccer skills like rainbows, Rabona and other cool skills. I have always been determined and enthusiastic about soccer and sport.

Track and Field - 2015 Armory Invitational

By Brodie          Let me know if you enjoy sports like I do.

Creative Commons License Steven Pisano via Compfight

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3 thoughts on “Sports by Brodie

  1. Kieran

    Hi Brodie,
    Great post!
    I love sports as well especially soccer and running.
    What is your favourite sport?
    Mine is definetly soccer!


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