August 12

Meiko and Rocky

Hi Olivia here,

These are my cats Meiko and Rocky they are rag doll cross Siamese.(we think)

we got them from the cat centre in 2015 they were from a litter of 6.

they were 8 weeks old and very adorable. Rocky is a boy and Meiko is a girl.

here are some cute pics of them.😊

 This is Meiko the fluffy,cuddly,placid one.

 This is Rocky the adventurous,smart,playfull one.  

here are some more pics.





By Olivia

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5 thoughts on “Meiko and Rocky

  1. Zach

    Hi Olivia
    Aw so cute! All the pictures are so adorable but my favourite is the one where they are snuggling with each other. They look like they have changed so much in these photos.


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