August 12

Netball and Soccer By Shahaa

Hello I love playing netball and soccer.

I play for two netball teams. I play for a club and my school. My school team made it to the finals but we came second.

I love playing soccer. I played it for four years but now I have quit because I wanted to play for a netball club.


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6 thoughts on “Netball and Soccer By Shahaa

  1. Kieran

    Great work Shahaa
    Though would you be able to tell me which netball club you play for because even thigh Jack has told me all the teams I am still a bit confused, And it might help if I know what team you play for.
    Also when does the netball season start and end? Is it any different to the soccer season?

    1. Shahaa (Post author)

      Hi Kieran
      I play for the kingston blues netball club divison 3. The season started in march but we still have the pleminary finals semi finals and grand finals to go season ends in September. But i do know if its any different to soccer?

  2. Zoe

    Hey Shahaa,
    I was wondering which team beat you?
    Also great job for getting to the finals! I’m so excited for this roster! Mainly because the teams are more balanced than last term! My Mum is desperate to know which team is going to be the better team or if they’ll be even.

    Thanks, Zoe.


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