August 18


Underwater  Daniel Kulinski via CompfightKulinski,

  Hi VIDHI here,


Today I’m going to write about DOLPHINS!!!.I love dolphins they’re my favourite animal.

Dolphins are mammals. Most of them live in the ocean. Although some do live in rivers.

They are friendly creatures but they can be very dangerous. They have to breath air like

humans. They have smooth skin, they’renot to big or to small.They have 1 tail fin,1 fin on

their fin and 2 flippers.


Thanks for reading.


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4 thoughts on “DOLPHINS

  1. Zach

    Hi Vidhi
    I love dolphins too I have seen dolphins at sea world they are really friendly. Have you ever seen dolphins in the wild or some where else if you have how many have you seen?

    1. Vidhi (Post author)

      Hi Zach,
      I have seen dolphins in the wild I saw lots because it was a small pod. I have also seen them at see world when I went there.

  2. Kieran

    Wow Vidhi!
    Great post, I don’t really know much about dolphins but I know a lot more about them now!
    Are Dolphins endangered?
    Have dolphins ever attacked humans before?

    1. Vidhi (Post author)

      Hi Kieran,
      I am glad you know about dolphins now. And to answer your questions dolphins are very playful creatures but they can and rarely have attacked humans. And some species of dolphin are endangered.


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