September 27

Captain America

Hi everyone I think it’s time to do another superhero post. Today it’s going to be about the man out of time CAPTAIN AMERICA!


One of caps’ most iconic traits, his shield made out of a made up material called Vibranium. Vibranium is virtually indestructible because it absorbs all vibrations from the impact 0f something hitting it and when it is thrown it bounces off objects effortlessly.

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Thanks to the super solder serum(or S.S.S)he was injected with in WWII he got an array of super-human attributes including increased strength to help him get out of sticky situations.

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S.S.S also gave him enhanced speed. Usain Bolt’s top speed is 27.44,mph cap can run at about 60,mph(around the speed of a cheetah). That is unbelievably fast for a human being!



Cap is able to doge and leap over obstacles and projectiles with ease. He is in the top ten most agile MARVEL characters!

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Cap is extremely durable, surviving explosions and hits from people like The Hulk where most men would die.

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Cap is a master strategist, thinking and planning before executing.(I’m unsure if this is because of the S.S.S or not, put what you think in the comments.)

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Thor, one of Cap’s friends holds the mighty hammer Mjolnir has the power to control the storm at will, will make the wielder fly and many more. Of course this would need restraints so only people who are worthy of holding it can lift the hammer of Thor! Cap can hold it but only with adrenaline in his system.

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(I wont go as in depth as the Spider-Man post.)

Cap is friends with many people and heroes like The Avengers, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Winter Solder/Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Agent 13/Sharon Carter, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bat-Man/Bruce Wane and many more!

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Cap has a fought great deal of enemies in his time including Hydra, Red Skull/Johann Shmidt, Ultron, Winter Solder/Bucky Barnes, MODOK/Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing, Thanos and many more!

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Cap has been in a few movies including Captain America the First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America The Winter Solder, Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man Home coming and the up coming Avengers Infinity War part 1 and 2!

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Hope you enjoyed this post!

If you know why he is so good at strategy then put it in the comments.

🙂 😛

Put what hero you want next out of these.

Ant-Man, Bat-Man, Iron-Man, The Flash, Green Arrow, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Green Lantern.

The post after I’ll make a vote about villains!

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6 thoughts on “Captain America

  1. Ava

    Hi Ava here
    First I think he’s just really clever and that’s why they gave him the SSS. Next how is winter solder both his friend and his enemy? Also I’d like to see a poste on Green Arrow, why did he want to become a superhero? Does captain America have a side-kick? You’ve done a really good job on this post and I can’t wait to see more!! Thanks

    1. Alec (Post author)

      Hi Ava,
      The way The Winter Solder is his friend and enemy is because in WWII Bucky was his sidekick but hydra brainwashed him and gave him a Vibranium arm so that is why he is his enemy as well. Also Falcon is his side-kick.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Zach

    Hi Alec,
    Wow great post! I’ve seen the movie of captain America it was not my favourite type of movie but my step dad and brother liked it. Wow captain America can run fast! Is there anything that can break through vibranium?

    1. Alec (Post author)

      Hi Zach,
      Yes villains have broken Cap’s shield for example Molecule Man(who can control molecules), Doctor Doom(when he stole the power of the Beyonder), Thanos(with the power of all six infinity gems), King Thor(who has the power of The Odin Force), The Serpent(the Norse God of fear). Hope this was helpful! 🙂

  3. Hanna-jane

    Hi Alec,
    I didn’t know a lot about captain America before this post so thank you for giving me some more information. I have never watched any of the movies, do you suggest I watch one? If so which one? Which captain America movie is your favourite? Who is your favourite superhero?
    PS I don’t know many superheroes so I can’t really choose which one you could do a post about next. But I do like the sound of Green Arrow. Is Green Arrow good or bad?

    1. Alec (Post author)

      Hi Hanna,
      I think you could try watching one if you wanted and my favorite movie is probably Civil war or First Avenger. My favorite hero is probably Spider-Man or Bat-Man. Finally Green Arrow is a good guy.
      🙂 😛


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