September 28


HI  guys,

Flynn here. today I would like to talk about one of my favorite topics. science! I have recently been working on therory that would allow use to travel faster than the speed of light! Here’s how it works. There’s an invisible giant net surrounding the entire universe called the Higgs bosen that gives everything mass, but it also gives everything¬† mass. My idea is that we curculate anti-matter around a “vessel”(anti-matter in small quantities should remove the mass of whatever it touches), it should be able to counter the effects of higgs boson.


By Flynn


1958 ... Atlas space station! James Vaughan via Compfight


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3 thoughts on “SCIENCE POST!!!

  1. Ava

    Hi Flynn, Ava here
    That is an interesting theory.
    Why would we want to travel at the speed of light? What benefits would it bring? How long would you be able to counter the effects of higgs boson? Would there be any side affects? Thanks

  2. Vidhi

    Hi Flynn,
    nice theory.
    Do you know how fast the speed of light is? I think traveling at the speed of light might be a little to fast for me.
    bye, Vidhi.

  3. Hanna-jane

    Hi Flynn,
    Your theory is very interesting. Would you feel sick because you are traveling so fast? What vehicle would stand the pressure? Would you have to be in a certain part of the atmosphere to travel at the speed of light? How would you land? I personally don’t think I would like to travel that fast because of two reasons, one I think I might feel sick and two it would be rather boring because your going so fast that you could not see any views.


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