September 28


Hi Hayden here,

Hi guys do you know what sustainability is? Well I will tell you all about it.

Sustainability it is when you try to make good actions and thoughts to help the environment.

It is also when you don’t litter and try to help the environment as much as possible.

You still do everyday things but you do it in a sustainable way.

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2 thoughts on “Sustainability

  1. Vidhi

    Hi Hayden,
    I really liked your post on sustainability. I try and be as sustainable as I ca, do you?

  2. Hanna-jane

    Hi Hayden,
    Your post about sustainability is awesome and interesting. I wonder why humans find it so hard just to think and act sustainably and with care. If we’re not careful we won’t be living on earth much longer. What do you do to help the environment and do you spread awareness to other people that you know?


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