September 30

My Pets!

Hi everyone Helen here,

as you can probably guess this post is going to be about my pets. I have two dogs at my dads house and two cats at my mums house.

We got my dogs from the pound last year in march. One’s white  with a spotty under cote called Archie (he’s a boy) and one’s brown and called Pia (she’s a girl.) We don’t know their full breeds but we know Archie is mainly terrier and Pia is mainly Pomeranian. Archie is a lot more jumpy than Pia and pulls more on the lead. At the oval we walk them to Archie will chase the ball no matter what but pia will only chase the ball once then she’ll will be lazy and lie on the grass. Some how Archie manages to fit a soccer ball in his mouth.

My cats are Curie and Mittens. Mittens is jet black and sleek. Curie is a tabby but she’s not so sleek because of her breed. We got them both from the cats home so we don’t know their exact breed. Both my cats like water which is a little strange. Sometimes after someone in my family has had a shower curie will open the door and sit in the puddle. Mittens can be a nuisance because she opens all the cupboards and knock every thing onto the ground.


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3 thoughts on “My Pets!

  1. Hanna-jane

    Hi Helen,
    I love your post, Archie, Pia, Curie and Mittens are all so cute🐶🐱🐈🐕. I have a dog called Penny at my dads house and a rabbit called Cloudy at my mums house and in the past I’ve had three cats and another rabbit. What are your pets favourite foods? Are they outside or inside pets? How old are they and how long have had them? Did you get them when they were puppies and kittens?

    1. Helen (Post author)

      Hi Hanna,
      Your pets sound so cute! Pia’s favorite food is dog bones, Archie’s favorite food is dog treats, Curie’s favorite food is dry cat food and Mittons favorite food is wet cat food. Archie and Pia are outside dogs (they sleep in the back yard but we let them in when we’re home) and Curie and Mittons are inside cats. We don’t know how old our dogs are because we got them from the dogs home but the dogs home thought they were both about one year old. We’ve had them for two years now. We got our cats as kittens. I’m not sure how old they were wen we got them but they were less than a year old. We’ve had them for three years now. What are your pets favorite foods and how old are your pets?


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