October 4

Did You Know?

Hi, Vidhi here,

I am going to tell you 6 animal facts I know. Did you know that sloth dig holes with their tails to poop in? Also did you know that wombats have square poop and they have backwoods facing pouches? You probably didn’t know this one, did you know that Bottle-nose Dolphins can drown a shark by using it’s snouts to hit the shark in the gills or stomach? This one is a bit weird, did you know that male emus can roar like a lion? You might know this one but did you know that sea sponges were the first living organism? Last but not least, did you know that kangaroos  need their tail to balance so if you pick it’s tail up it can not hop.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. See you next time.

Kangaroos Ladymaggic via Compfight

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1 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Hanna-jane

    Hi Vidhi,
    Some of those facts I didn’t know. I read a book about true animal stories once and a dolphin saved a girl from a shark by doing that. I think the one that I found most interesting is the one about how male emu’s can roar. Maybe you could do another “did you know” post with more facts, maybe even about something other than animals. What is the most interesting fact you know(it doesn’t have to be in that post)?


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