October 11

Our School

Hi guys Hayden here, our school is the best.

We have a great teacher and we also have a game with the grade 6 class.

We  normally play dodge ball and other games as well.

We have a lot of fun at our school and we have a netball court, tennis court, soccer oval, hand ball court, one touch wall,  and a play ground.

Im looking forward to going to the energy fair in term 4, what are you looking forward to in term 4?



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1 thoughts on “Our School

  1. Hanna-jane

    Hi Hayden,
    I love your post and I agree with you that our school is the best. I have been at the school since kindergarten so that means that when I leave school I would have had 8 years at the school but at the moment I have only spent 7. My dad used to go to school at our school when he was a child and he says that he really enjoyed his time there but our school has really changed since then. I don’t know what to look forward to in term 4 because I haven’t got the latest newsletter. Can you please tell me more about this energy fair and when it is on? What is your favourite thing about school? And what is your favourite subject?


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