October 23


 Hey guys its Amelie😆,

These holidays my dad, brother and I went to Bicheno. The drive is about two hours from where I live.

We stayed in a place we’ve stayed in before and we like to call it ‘the surf-board house’, because the walls are covered in surf-boards.

The first night we stayed there we went to the pub for dinner 🍴 then we walked down to a place that was covered in rocks (I’m not quite sure what it was called) and we had a great time hopping across them, but when we tried to find a ‘fun’ way out, we found prickle bushes so all of us got prickled.

The next day we went back to the pub for a swim, the pool was heated to 28 degrees and super warm!! We also did rock hopping at the Blow-Hole and went to our small, secret beach.

The last day we were there we were so tiered so we didn’t do much except for drive home.


That’s all for now, bye!😜                                                                                       Peter via Compfight     PHMP0940

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3 thoughts on “Bicheno

  1. Helen

    Hi Amelie,
    Bicheno sounds like so much fun. I have been to the blowhole on this side of Tasmania (I’m not sure what its called). It was really cool. what was your favourite part of your holiday? the pool sounds like it would be my favourite!

    1. Amelie (Post author)

      Hey Helen,
      Thank you. Bicheno was a lot of fun.
      I think the highlight of my holiday was, well every thing!
      I loved my holidays.
      What bit of your holidays did you enjoy the most? 🙂


  2. Sienna

    hi Amelie,
    I love your post Bicheno it sounds great I went to Bicheno when I was around 4 it so pretty there. Do you go there a lot in a year. It would be so hot in a 28 degree pool. It sounds like it was fun.


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