November 17

Harry Potter!!!!

Hey guys it’s Amelie and now it’s no ‘big’ secret that I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter.

I am huge on the movies but not so big on the books, I know but still I do love J.K Rowling.

My favourite characters are Luna Lovegood because she is weird and creative, Dobby the House Elf because he is mischievous and annoying and the Weasley Twins , Fred and George because they’re funny, irritating and, like Dobby mischievous and annoying.

I never know what expect (unless its the second time I’ve watched the movies) and I love it when they get in a sticky situation and I get all tense like.

The three main characters are Harry Potter (obviously) Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry is the Half-Blood son of Lilly (Muggle- a Muggle is a non magic person) and James (pure Blood- a Pure Blood is a person with both magical parents) Potter who were murdered by the evil Lord Volermort-He Who Must NOT be Named. Ron Weasley is a Pure-Blood and the brother of Fred and George, he also has a younger sister, Ginny and two older brothers, Charlie and Percy. Hermione  is a very intelligent Muggle who is also one of the best witches in Hogwarts School of Witch-craft and Wizardry.

The movies are a series of eight but the books are only seven, I definitely recommend you watch the movies and read the books.

that’s all for now, BYE! 

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter!!!!

  1. Lachlan

    Hi Amelie
    Iv watched harry Potter before and I don’t really like it but I’m sure you will convinces other people to watch it because you have explained it really well.

    1. Amelie (Post author)

      Thanks Lachie,
      That is really nice.
      I sure hope I do encourage some people to watch it because it can help your imagination and improve creativity.

      Thank you! Amelie😆


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