November 27

My Holiday

Hi, Lachie  here

On my holiday I was at my Dads work for the first, half week of the holidays and I did do some work and I earned 3$ for cleaning my bike and I swiped the floor.I went to Haydens birthday to play bubble soccer but we were to late so me and Will played in them for 20min. We also played chasings with Hayden Mason Logan Pat and Will for the rest of the time we were there.A week later Me and my nan went to pick up my RC and then we got some McDonalds, I was so so hungry. The people who hade my RC couldn’t fix it for about a year and when we got it back my dad fixed it in like 1h then I played with it for a while, finely! That week I went to the park with the BMX track and my Dad Tayla Chels and Hudson for an hour, it was so hot then we went to the shop to get some ice poles. On the last day we just lazed around all day watching TV.

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