November 29


Hi its Sienna,

And I’m going to talk about weddings.

I have been to three this year and they were first weddings I have been to. The first wedding I went to was a same sex couple but one of them had a British passport so they could get married in Canberra at a special place there. I got to be the flower girl it was very exciting then we went to lunch. It was a very exciting day !!!

The next wedding I went to was in October this was my uncles wedding was in Tasmania. It was a small wedding but she wore a beautiful dress it looked a bit like a mermaid dress it was in the colour champagne and my uncle was in a suit and he never wears a suit ( it was a black one though ) They did not have a flower girl. I loved it lots !!!

The last but not laest one is in December and I’m so excited. I leave on Friday. This is the biggest wedding, its my cousins, she is having 5 brides-maids. The other weddings had no brides-maids. I have to wear the same dress for all of them which is a bit sad but the dress is pretty. I can’t wait till Friday !!!

I hope you enjoyed my postt about weddings

A Big Cedar Lodge Branson Wedding In The Ozark Mountains Of Missouri Matt Druin via Compfight

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