December 4


Hi everyone Helen here.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick and I stayed at my  gran’s house because my mum has to work. I got bored and was fiddling with a paper clip and made a minny caterpult with a scrunched up pice of paper as the cannon ball. A scrunched up pice of tin foil would probably have worked better but oh well. Here’s how you make it!


in this video I was using the wrong tipe of paper clip it is better to use big metal ones like in the next video of it firing. 

another way to make a caterpult is with a bull-clip here is the first way… 

… and here is the second way


I made the cannon ball by tearing of the corner of a piece of paper and scrunching it up into a ball.

A way you can use it is by making a target with holes in it. Each hole has a score and whoever has the highest score after ten turns wins.

to make the target you first draw a circle with a compass or trace something round then cut it out.

Next trace some smaller circles on your target and cut some holes in between them

You can make a stand by cutting a pice of paper in half, rolling it up and folding the ends up like this…

For the next part of the stand roll up two smaller pieces of paper and make a right angle like this

Now put them together like so…

tape them down…

This is what it looks like from the front

Finally slide your target inside the top of the stand

This is a great thing to do on a rainy day (like today) hope you enjoy!

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