December 20

Minds are weird. By Alec

This is a post about how your mind can play tricks on you every once in a while. Read this post to understand what I’m talking about.

Exhibit .1

Quickly read the following sentence.


you had

six apples and the

the president ate them,

then you would have none.

Most people read the sentence like “If you had six apples and the president ate them them, then you would have none.” but it actually reads “If you had six apples and>the the<president ate them, then you would have none.” if you read it carefully it has two of the word “the” in it. many people already know this one but I did it anyways.

   Exhibit .2

This one needs you to say the colors and not the words as fast as you can. Sounds easy right? Give it a go.


Not so easy is it. 🙂

Exhibit .3

Thes one is qite inntresting. As you cen see moset of theese worrds arre misspelt but sttill reedabale, studdyes sey if the firrst and lasst letor of the wurd are sttil the seme than it becombs reccognisible.

Tell me if you can or can’t read it in the comments.

If you enjoyed then comment your favorite “exhibit” and say which one surprised you the most.



September 27

Captain America

Hi everyone I think it’s time to do another superhero post. Today it’s going to be about the man out of time CAPTAIN AMERICA!


One of caps’ most iconic traits, his shield made out of a made up material called Vibranium. Vibranium is virtually indestructible because it absorbs all vibrations from the impact 0f something hitting it and when it is thrown it bounces off objects effortlessly.

OKIMG_3944Creative Commons License
taymtaym via Compfight


Thanks to the super solder serum(or S.S.S)he was injected with in WWII he got an array of super-human attributes including increased strength to help him get out of sticky situations.

Roy U., 46Creative Commons License
Hairy Jacques via Compfight


S.S.S also gave him enhanced speed. Usain Bolt’s top speed is 27.44,mph cap can run at about 60,mph(around the speed of a cheetah). That is unbelievably fast for a human being!



Cap is able to doge and leap over obstacles and projectiles with ease. He is in the top ten most agile MARVEL characters!

Herne Bay Free Runner 2
M W Pinsent via Compfight


Cap is extremely durable, surviving explosions and hits from people like The Hulk where most men would die.

Disney World: Disney Springs - LEGO Store - The Incredible Hulk
Wally Gobetz via Compfight


Cap is a master strategist, thinking and planning before executing.(I’m unsure if this is because of the S.S.S or not, put what you think in the comments.)

Life Lessons
Ronald L. Milline via CompfightCreative Commons License


Thor, one of Cap’s friends holds the mighty hammer Mjolnir has the power to control the storm at will, will make the wielder fly and many more. Of course this would need restraints so only people who are worthy of holding it can lift the hammer of Thor! Cap can hold it but only with adrenaline in his system.

Michael Li via Compfight


(I wont go as in depth as the Spider-Man post.)

Cap is friends with many people and heroes like The Avengers, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Winter Solder/Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Agent 13/Sharon Carter, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bat-Man/Bruce Wane and many more!

DSC_1869Creative Commons License
Steven Lam via Compfight


Cap has a fought great deal of enemies in his time including Hydra, Red Skull/Johann Shmidt, Ultron, Winter Solder/Bucky Barnes, MODOK/Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing, Thanos and many more!

SDCC 2017 - Sideshow Collectible's Booth - Thanos Statue [2]Creative Commons License
William Tung via Compfight


Cap has been in a few movies including Captain America the First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America The Winter Solder, Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man Home coming and the up coming Avengers Infinity War part 1 and 2!

Theater is Life, Film is Art, Television is Furniture
Lynn Friedman via Compfight

Hope you enjoyed this post!

If you know why he is so good at strategy then put it in the comments.

🙂 😛

Put what hero you want next out of these.

Ant-Man, Bat-Man, Iron-Man, The Flash, Green Arrow, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Green Lantern.

The post after I’ll make a vote about villains!

September 12

Spring Fair By Alec

Spring Fair

Our school is having a spring fair on Saturday 16/9/2017. At the fair we are going to have games like knock the cans, playing with zorb balls, an inflatable slide, pluck a duck and more.

Zorb-ball at Jonathon Rogers ParkCreative Commons License

Ruth Hartnup via Compfight

We also have prizes to win in the tombola. You can do activities like rock painting, fairy and dinosaur gardens, card making, cupcake decorating and you can discover more if you go to the fair!

Hope you enjoyed the blog!


August 30

Spider-Man by Alec

Hi everyone I thought I could just do a quick few things about the amazing, the spectacular,the supirior the one and only SPIDER-MAN!


He has web shooters which have compressed “webs”. When he pushes a button on his hand it shoots the “webs” with them he can stick, mold, seal, tie,pull and much more to people and objects.

Look out! Here comes the Spidersquid!

Reiterlied via Compfight


Spider-man has incredible agility and flexibility which he can use to traverse the roof-tops and obscure locations.

He can also use this ability to help him in combat or dodging projectiles.


Chris Robart via Compfight

Spider Sense.

Spider-man has spider sense which allows him to know when there is danger nearby.

He feels a tingling in his head (usually represented by cartoon lightning bolts around his head), the closer the danger the stronger the feeling.

Somethings can override the spider sense like the venom symbiote which it doesn’t see it as a threat.

Oh, I see, or Maybe Not!

rbak923 via Compfight

Wall Crawling.

One of his most recognisable and confusing abilities is the power to crawl on walls almost effortlessly.

It is a debate on how he sticks and how he sticks through his suit. It is said that hairs grow out of his finger-tips but that doesn’t make much sense. It is still a mystery to this day!

Brown Recluse ("Fiddleback" or "Violin") Spider on my WallCreative Commons License

OakleyOriginals via Compfight

Super Strength.

Surprisingly spider-man has super strength! He can lift cars and things many people cant lift. He can lift  over 10 tons!

The Personal TrainerCreative Commons License

Floris Oosterveld via Compfight


Spider-man has an array of allies including two teams from the “Ultimate Spider-man” cartoon.

His allies include The Avengers (Hulk in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon (and Tony Stark/Iron-man in the MCU)), Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, Mary Jane/MJ, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Flash Thompson/Agent Venom, Amadeus Cho/Iron-Spider (in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon), Richard Rider/Nova, Hector Ayala/White Tiger, Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Victor Alvarez/Power man. Trust me the list goes on!

New York Comic Con 2016 - MarvelCreative Commons License
Richie S via Compfight


Despite having many friends he also has many enemies to make it just a bit harder.

His enemies include Eddie Brock, Norman and Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, Dr Otto Octavius/Dr Octopus, Dr Curt Connors/Lizard, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, Herman Schultz/Shocker, Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Maxwell Dillon/Electro, Flint Marco/Sandman, Alexander O’Hirn/Rhino, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Dimitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon(Spider-Mans’ first villain) Again the list goes on.

Catching Spiders
Reiterlied via Compfight

His Fans.

Spider-Mans’ face is the most recognizable of all Super heroes. It Might be his abilities or his suit but something, just something makes him so popular.

PhotoCreative Commons License

Daniel Juřena via Compfight


despite being so powerful he is also is reaaaaaaly smart (and i mean reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly smart). Using his intelligence he can make and use gadgets like the Spider-Mobile, Web Shooters, Cryo Cubes, Spider-Tracers, Spider-Bots, Spider drones, Spider Glider, The Stealth/Big Time suit, Avengers Identicard, Spider-Signal and many other gadgets from his utility belt or vehicles to help him get around.


Spider-Man has been in over eight movies which include Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Green Goblins last stand, Amazing Spider-Man 1 to 3, Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming and more to come!

Alternate Dimensions and Spider-Men.

The Spider-Man we know and love is one of many from different dimensions and roles but the one we know is the original the others include Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Knight, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 1602, Kid-Arachnid, Indian Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Zombie Spider-Man and Spider Ham. Time for the different Spider-Men from the same dimension like The Scarlet-Spider, Superior Spider-Man,  Iron-Spider, Kangs’ Spider-Man Robot, Man-Spider, Spider-Man Unlimited, Mac Gargan, Ai Apaec, Spider Doppleganger, Blood Spider, Web-Man, Spider-Boy, Kaine,  Spidercide, Carnage, Venom, Toxin, Steel Spider, Spider-Man UK and Carn om.  There is a lot more Spider-Men than you think!

Wondercon 2016 - Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spider CosplayCreative Commons License

William Tung via Compfight

Hope you enjoyed this blog about Spider-Man! If you have any questions or something interesting about Spider-Man that you think I don’t know or think of another superhero I can do then put it in the comments and i’ll try and reply.


August 21

Dr Karl Kruszelniki’s talk by Alec

Hi guys here are some things I found interesting about Dr Karl (Kruszeliniki). Including some added info.

He spoke about how an Australian discovered Wi-Fi when trying to discover more about black holes by creating a machine that would find black holes without interference. This begins back in 1974, when Stephen Hawking theorized that under certain conditions, small black holes might “evaporate”  and at the same time make radio signals. These theorized  black holes were about the mass of Mount Everest, and smaller than an atom. Soon after, the physicist and engineer John O’Sullivan tried to find these signals and discovered Wi-Fi.

Mike Gifford via Compfight

In the talk he spoke about devices designed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and with 25,000,000 of them we could remove it from the atmosphere. People have manged to cerate a bacteria that feed on CO2 instead of it’s natural sugars. They have also made artificial trees.

DreiCreative Commons License

Norbert Reimer via Compfight

I really liked hearing about him talking about the black-bird jet which could go at 1 km per second and go over 1,000 feet! For almost 40 years it had the official speed record of 2,193.13 mph the run was done by a broken jet! Each of the Pratt and Whitney J58 jets have 34,000 pounds of thrust!

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: SR-71 Blackbird and Space Shuttle Enterprise in the distance

Chris Devers via Compfight

He also spoke about the plane route times  and how different regions of America had different planes go at different times. Also at certain times it is colder because the sheer amount of planes bounces most of the suns rays away. I wasn’t able to figure out if the planes long term made more global warming with most of the rays  bouncing back from the CO2 or stopped it by bouncing it away?

Hope you liked this blog about Dr Karl’s speech (and some extra info)! 🙂