October 19

My Holidays

During my holidays my mums friend Erin came over from WA to see her family, she has two girls called Eve and Jade.  They are twins.  Sadly their Mum and Dad have split up.

On one of the days dad and I went for a bike ride and got some delicious pastries from a bakery.

On the last day of the holidays I went bowling with my dad. There were two rounds and I won both of them!  At the bowling centre there were video games which we played.  We won heaps of tickets and got lots of prizes!

It was lots of fun.


Bowling for Google, Google HQ, Mountain View, CA

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September 28

My Trip to New Zealand

Hi Ava here

A couple of days ago I went to new Zealand for four days for my grans 70th birthday.

I went with my Dad, since all of his family lives over there.  When we first arrived we went to our hotel witch was in a suburb called Petone where my two year old cousin lives.  The hotel we stayed at was called Ava Lodge hotel.

The second day was my Grans birthday party at my cousins house  so I stayed up really late and had lots of sugary drinks.  It was so much fun!!!

We weren’t in New Zealand for very long so we tried to fit as much in as possible.  On the third day the whole family (except for the baby and her mum) went go-karting!!  There were two rounds; on the first round all the boys in our family went, and gosh was it chaotic! After them my dad,  gran, older cousin and I had a turn.  In that same building there was an ice skating so we went on that next.  There was also a place with paint ball guns but dad said we could have a go there when I was 18.  On our last day we went to a place called Jumperama, which was lots of fun because it was a trampoline park!!!!!  Over all my trip to New Zealand was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!!



This is the biggest mussel shell I’ve ever seen!!  The beach we went to had big piles of drift wood an other cool things                   There were lots of sponges and beautiful Paua shells.

this upside down photo is when we first saw New Zealand.  Up in the plane it was -55.c,  that is really cold!!

This is the journey the plane took to get from Melbourne, Australia to Wellington, New Zealand.

August 24

Climate Change is Happening!!

Hi its Ava here

Here are some of the things I picked up on. The Government controls money and our future. If you are really serious about stopping climate change you can write a letter to our Government!

If you are living by the coast you may have noticed more flooding. This is also due to climate change, here are two reasons why; melting ice and air pressure. People are saying there are three times as many floods as ten years ago. This is one of the things that will get worse if we do nothing about global warming.

Earth will become unliveable!!! You may be thinking, in Australia climate change isn’t really happening so it won’t affect you. If you are thinking this you are completely WRONG!! One third of Australia’s products are made in different countries, that’s cars, smart phones and material that we won’t get.

Something I found really unfair is that Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders who have done the least to provoke climate change are getting it’s effects first and worst!!

So spread the word climate change is happening and we need to do something about it!!!

You can help by composting food scraps-when food scraps go to land fill they release a gas called methane. Methane is a green house gas-, buy items that will last longer-this will insure less waste-and recycle!!!!!!!

Another thing you can do to spread the word is make a climate change story.  This can feature anyone with a good story, from a marine biologist to your next door neighbour.  Post your video on this website tasmanianclimatechangestories.org.au

Here are some more quirky quotes “If humans are causing the problem humans can fix it” “we have a responsibility and the ability to stop climate change!” “young people have no control over their future” 

if you read all of my post i’m very proud of you, I wouldn’t be able to sit still for that long!   thankyou so much for reading, Ava.This Beautiful Planet Part TwoCreative Commons License

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August 17

Dr Karl

PA153904 QEDcon 2016

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Dr Karl’s talk was awesome.  He talked about so much in so little time, it was unreal!  He told the people listening to his talk some handy information, here are some facts and figures he mentioned.  To change the world you need to be a politician.  Politicians control the worlds money.  For example the Australian government invested $4 billion  in making peace in Afghanistan.  1 million is equivalent to a set of education; day care, kinder, primary, high school, college, and university.  For 1 million you can also get a fully equipped hospital.  If the government had put schools and hospitals around the world instead there wouldn’t even be a war!

The way Dr Karl described climate change was really good; the earth is like a bike wheel, it goes around and around but if you put bluetac (green house gasses) on the wheel it will start to wobble and fall over.

Some of the things Dr Karl mentioned were extraordinary things that in the future can be made possible by science or have been made possible. Things like living forever, modifying a rottweiler DNA so it has chiwawa puppies, a train using magnets to lift it off the ground, a computer in your brain so you never forget things, cloning a lamb! All these things are so amazing and to think that a lot of that is happening today!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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