October 23

School Spring Fair

Hi it’s HANNA-JANE here and I’m going to tell you about our School Spring¬†Fair. ūüéČ

Our school is having a School Spring Fair on Saturday the 16th of September. There will be heaps of stalls for you to enjoy, lots of fun activities to try out and last but not least there are tons of delicious food stalls and vans. You might also find or make a friend while your making way around the stalls.

Some of the food stalls will be selling donuts, fairy floss or cotton candy, popcorn, fresh juices and smoothies, wood-fired pizza, pulled pork and slaw rolls, cold drinks, soft serve and a sausage sizzle. That’s sure to fill my belly any day, mind you I wouldn’t be¬†eating all of those things.

Some of the activities that you might like to try are the Grade six chocolate trailer, face painting, making a fairy garden, jump bump and slide, handball trailer, pluck a duck(NOT A REAL DUCK), jumping castle, carnival games, zorb balls and our Grade 5 tombola. There will also be a magic show.

If you don’t know what a tombola is it is a thing where you pay some money, pick out a raffle ticket and find your number on a bag, tub or jar then what ever is in your bag is your prize.

Now that you have heard all about our school fair come along with all your friends, siblings and parents for a fun day out. Hope you enjoyed reading. GOOD BYE!

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October 23


Hi it’s Hanna-Jane here and I’m going to tell you about Pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a terrible sickness. The most common way Pneumonia is caused can be either be a viral or bacterial infection. There is also a lesser known one which is to do with other¬†microorganisms. Pneumonia can usually be treated with medicine or antibiotics in richer places like¬†America and Australia, but old people, babies, people with other health conditions¬†and people in poorer countries ¬†can sometimes die of Pneumonia if they don’t get the right medication. People in poorer countries do not have enough money to buy expensive medication and very old, young or people affected by other health conditions can not take the stress of it so that is why they die. Pneumonia affects around 450 million people¬†globally and about 4 million people die. Some of the symptoms of Pneumonia are productive cough, fever, shaking chills, shortness of breath, sharp or stabbing chest pain during deep breaths and increased rate of breathing.

I got Pneumonia for three weeks covering over the last week of term and all of the school holidays! The doctor thinks that it was a bacterial infection but she was not sure. I started off having one of the many viruses that was going around but then I got a secondary infection of Pneumonia. I had to have a chest x-ray. Pneumonia kind-of feels like¬†an ordinary cold but it takes a lot longer to recover, there is a lot more coughing, it’s hard to breath, you get stressed because you can’t breathe, your lung crackles, you get hot and cold and you get dizzy fits when you stand up for too long.

I hope no-one that I know gets Pneumonia because it is very horrible and if you have any questions please post a comment about them.



Asthma illustration

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August 21

Dr Karl’s Science Talk

Hi it’s Hanna-Jane here and I’m going to tell you about Dr Karl’s Science Talk.

Dr Karl is an amazing scientist. He has degrees in science, mathematics, medicine and engineering. Our class and the Grade sixes were lucky enough to be invited to see him at Hobart College on Monday the 14th. We only had an hour with Dr Karl and he fit so much in. I’m amazed that he could remember it all, my brain was still processing and working it out for a while afterwards.

One of the things he¬†made very clear is that Politicians rule the world! If you don’t know what Politicians are, they are a group of people that make important decisions.¬†Dr Karl said that the Australian government put 4 million dollars¬†into the Afghanistan war and 1 million dollars could get a fully equipped hospital or a whole schooling system: from childcare to university! I certainly wouldn’t have done that.

Now I will tell you some of the things that Dr Karl talked about.

  • Dolly the sheep was an interesting one because she got cloned by scientists. Cloned is a word used for when something is copied exactly even with the same DNA. I wasn’t there but I think there would have been quite a lot of partying after that discovery.
  • Then there was the Hadron Collider which is a huge,long tube 100 metres underground. The Hadron Collider has lots of particles inside that get thrown into each other at amazing speeds to create a miniscule explosion that lasts for about half a second to find out what is inside the particles because they think that particle might be the one that caused the Big Bang and everything to exist. That particle is called the Higgs Boson.
  • There was also trains in China that don’t have wheels they hover above the ground held up by magnetic force. The trains move using magnetic levitation. The trains can go up to 450 kilometres per hour. The train in China is called the Shanghai Meglev train or the Shanghai Transrapid. There are also ones in Japan and India.
  • Dr Karl said that scientists have worked out a way to change the genes of something so it can change its appearance ¬†or have different young.Dr Karl said that scientists could change a Rottweiler so it can have Chihuahua puppies or over time the Rottweiler can get smaller and turn into a chihuahua. How amazing. This won’t only help if you want your Rottweiler to be a chihuahua it will also help if you have a very bad illness or something wrong with your genes, scientists can change you to be who you want to be.
  • Dr Karl explained a cool machine which sucks carbon dioxide out of the air. It is called a Green Machine or an Air Capture. The Green Machine will slowly decrease the carbon dioxide levels so if there are enough Green Machines we will not have Global Warming! America certainly needs¬†Green Machines, seeing they have a lot of pollution! Hopefully the pollution levels don’t rise before we get some more Green Machines!
  • I was also quite surprised that there was a machine that could make 3D¬†objects. It is called a 3D Printer. Dr Karl told us about a person that didn’t have¬†these rings around their breathing tubes leading to their lungs on one side so sometimes they would collapse and the person could not breathe. The 3D Printer made a special attachment so that the person could breathe normally again. The 3D Printer is quite big now but scientists are working on the 3D Printer to make it the size of a microwave! Everyone could have one inside their house. Dr Karl said that you could type what you want on the computer screen of the 3D Printer, like a phone for example, then when you get home from work or wake up in the morning your phone or whatever you want is ready for use. Unfortunately you can’t print food. ūüėě
  • Last but definitely not least scientists have found a way to live forever ūüėÉ.¬†At first¬†I thought that scientists were the best, but then¬†I thought about it and I thought “where would people live? People will keep coming but it will take a long time for people to go. There would be a lot of generations in just one family, I would get very confused about how many “greats” I would have to put before grandma or grandpa. We already have an overpopulation problem so would we end up moving out to space if people weren’t dying? Think about it and tell me your answer in a comment please.

Hope you enjoyed reading ūüėÉ

P.S Does anyone know how to pronounce Dr Karl’s surname or know why he wears such colourful shirts?



PA153905 QEDcon 2016                                       PA153904 QEDcon 2016

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Paul Jenkins via Compfight






August 15

Snug Falls

Hi Everyone,

I went to Snug Falls on Sunday 13th. It was great fun although the path to Snug Falls was really muddy. I took a few photos on the way to Snug Falls and off Snug Falls itself. Snug Falls was cascading down its main passageway and I got a bit wet from the spray. Here are some of the photos that I took.

Bye from Hanna-jane

 This is a cave I saw


This is off the side of a bridge. This is the view off a rock.This is Snug Falls

August 8


Mexican Grey Wolf in the Snow

John W. Iwanski via Compfight


Wolves are carnivorous, nocturnal mammals. They mostly eat moose, elk and deer, but sometimes they eat smaller animals like rodents, kind like when we have snacks.

Wolves live in groups called packs. These packs are usually made up of  an Alpha  male and female and their cubs. There are usually 6-7 wolves in a pack but sometimes there can be up to 15.

There are 8 different species of wolves. Here are 3 of them:

GREY WOLF Wolf im Schnee

Marco Verch via Compfight

The biggest wolf with grey-brown

fur.   Classification status:   THREATENED



RED WOLFout of the darkness

Valerie via Compfight

Tawny-red coloured fur. Classification status:





ARCTIC WOLFArctic wolf

Cloudtail the Snow Leopard via Compfight

White fur to blend in with the snow. Classification status:



The other wolf species are the Ethiopian wolf, Tundra wolf, Indian wolf, the Mexican wolf and the Iberian wolf.


Alpha as well as the leader of the wolf pack, is the first letter in the Greek alphabet!