October 16

My Holidays

Hi guys,

Today I will be telling you about my holidays! I had a crazy holiday but it was really fun.

In the first week of the holidays I didn’t actually do to much, I only went to the 7D cinema on the first day and for the rest of the week stayed at home. I did on the Thursday before the school holidays have my half-brother come down from Brisbane and he stayed in till Tuesday. The rest of the week I stayed home and also went to my swimming club training 3 times that week for 1 hour.

The next week was more busy as we ha a lot more on. On the Monday Edie’s (my sister) friend Ellie came over. We had planned to remake a movie called Coraline so that day we were just planning everything out.

On Tuesday me and my brother, Ned went to Shahaa’s house while our mum went to work. The first thing that we did when we got there was going on the Wii u, we played a game called Mariokart 8 and it was really fun. After doing that we made some rocky road for later on. We finished that off and let it set in the fridge. While that was happening we headed down to the school to play a few games. We played this game called grounded which was really fun, one touch and also netball. My team for netball was Shezza, Ainy, Shahaa and me. After doing that for a bit we went back up to the house. We had some lunch and also got to try some of the rocky road that we had made earlier. It tasted really good and delicious. Later on we played hide and seek/tag with Shayaa, Ned, Shahaa and Ainy. That was really fun but after a while Ned and Shayaa wanted to stop. We then got really bored so we went across the road to see if Kieran wanted to play, he said yes and we played around in till my mum had finished work and came to pick us up. I also had swimming after at 4 o’clock.

On Wednesday the 11th of October, Ellie and her mum Barb came over to our house while mum went to work. This was really good because it meant that we could do some of the filming that we wanted to do. We stayed at home for a bit organizing everything for a while. Later on we headed down to Cornelian Bay to do some of the filming but the weird thing was that I was dressed up as a cat, Ellie in pj’s and Edie as an evil villain/mum with face paint and makeup all over her face. Also there were heaps of school day care people so it was very crowded. We finished that and then we had fish and chips for lunch. When we got back home we then did some more filming in till my mum came back from work. After that I had swimming again and went to that.

The next day we just pretty much just stayed home and had a relaxing day! 🙂

On Friday I had a netball clinic with the Collingwood Magpies netball team. This is a really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. We did in this passing, footwork, teamwork and fitness.

On Saturday 14th of October I had a netball tournament for the weekend.  My team STNA (Southern Tasmanian Netball Association) has already played 2 other tournaments this year and we have won all of them. In these tournaments we play games against other associations around the state. One the first day we won all our games and quite easily. It was really fun though and we came back the next day strong and ready to go! On the Sunday we were only playing 4 games including the final. My team won all our games leading up to the grand final. In the grand final our team won 24-8 or something like that. We all had a great game and enjoyed the two days a lot as it was the last time that we were going to be in the STNA in till STNA trails next year! 🙂

I hope that you guys enjoyed my post!!!

By Jack                                                                                                                                       A Sunset In Iceland

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September 30


IMG_7958 Nathan Rupert via Compfight 

Hi  it’s Jack and Hayden.

Today we will be telling you about dogs! Hayden and I both have dogs and we think that they are great.

Dogs are really friendly and loyal animals. They love to go on walks and play around. Dogs can be small and big, all different sizes and colours. Dogs are really cute and amazing.

Hayden’s dog is called Lola and is 4 years old. She is a very big dog and loves going on walks.

My dog is called Scout and she is also 4 years old. She is a medium sized dog and loves playing with her toys and going on walks.

Now for some information about dogs:

Dogs have 4 paws and which they have claws on them.

They are great sense of smell and hearing.

Dogs are carnivores.


Dogs can also be really important in some jobs such as:



Pulling things          



Helping on the farm and many other things!

Hope you learnt a bit more about dogs and what they can actually do!

Also comment if you have a dog and a maybe a bit about it. 🙂

By Hayden and Jack





September 27



Today I will be telling you a bit about the basic rules and other things about netball.

Netball is a game played on a court, this court is called a netball court. The court is split up into thirds, one: the attack third, two: the centre third and three: the defending third. In the attacking and denfending end are semicircles. There are seven players on the court at a time. These are the positions:

GS- The goal shooter can only stay in the attacking third but is allowed in the semicircle. The goal shooter plays against the goal keeper.

GA- The goal attack is allowed in the attacking and centre third. They are also allowed in the semicircle. The goal attack plays against the goal defence.

WA- The wing attack is allowed in the attacking and the centre third but they are not allowed in the semicircle. The wing attack plays against the wing defence.

C- The centre is allowed in all the thirds but isn’t allowed in the semicircle. The centre plays against the other centre.

WD- The wing defence is allowed in the centre and defence third but isn’t allowed in the semicircle. The wing defence plays against the wing     attack.

GD- The goal defence is allowed in the centre and defence third and is allowed in the semicircle. The goal defence plays against the goal attack.

GK- The goal keeper is allowed in the defence end only and is allowed in the semicircle. The goal keeper plays against the goal shooter.

Anway back to the rules!

Only the goal shooter and goal attack can score the goals and to score them they have to be in the semicircle.

If any players go into any area of the court that they aren’t allowed in, it will be called offside and the other team will be given the ball and go to where the person went offside.

Stepping: Stepping is when you have the ball in your possession and you are walking and running with it. When you catch the ball the foot that touches the ground first has to stay on the ground, if you do and put it back on the ground it would called for stepping. If you landed on both of your feet at the same time you can choose which one you want to stay on the ground.

Untouched: Untouched is when you throw the ball over a whole third without it being touched. This just means that the other team will get possession.

Obstruction: When you play netball you will normal put your arms over a shot or pass as this may lead into a turnover by blocking the pass or shot. Obstruction means that when you do this if you are less the three feet (around a metre) you will have to be out of play. This only means that you will have to stand next the player. When you do this though you aren’t allowed to talk, put your arms up or something that could disrupte the play.

Contact: Contact is when you contact another player. This means that you will once again have to stand out of play.

Held Ball: In Netball you can only hold the ball for three seconds. If you hold the ball more than three seconds then the other team will get possession from where you were holding the ball.

There are also two umpires on the court that control the game.

I hope that you enjoyed! These are only some of the basic rules and maybe if this is a good post I could maybe do some with some more advanced rules.

Hope you enjoyed!!!! 😊😊😊


September 25

Logic Puzzles and Riddles By Jacob and Jack

Hi guys it’s Jacob and Jack,

Today we are going to tell you about logic puzzles and riddles.

Logic puzzles and riddles are a question you need to think outside the box to solve.

We think that they are great because they challenge your brain, make you smarter and are really fun.

Here are some example:

  1. Three people enter a shop, there are 2 fathers and 2 sons how is this possible?
  2. Police are hunting down a robber. They know his name is John and where he lives. When they enter his house they see 4 people sitting around a table playing poker. They are an ambulance driver, fireman, doctor and a builder. The police immediately arrest the fireman. How do thy know they have got their man?
  3. Zombies are coming and you, your college, the janitor and the professor are leaving the science lab to escape them. The only way to escape is to cross an old bridge and then cut the ropes on the other side. The professor calculates that the zombie will arrive in 17 minutes. The bridge is very weak and only 2 people can cross at a time. It is also night but you have a lantern that illuminates a small area so when you cross the bridge you have to stick together. You take one minute to cross the bridge, your college takes two, the janitor takes five and professor takes ten. How can everyone get across before the zombies can get you?


Post the answers in the comments! 😀                                                          hungry zombiekid                                                                                                                                          cosmoflash via Compfight


Jacob and Jack

August 10


Hi all, today I will be telling you all about the Vaquita.

The Vaquita is a species of porpoise which lives in the Gulf of California. The Vaquita’s main diet is squid, crab and fish. Vaquita’s can live up to about the age of 22 but at the moment they aren’t living for so long because they are getting stuck in the illegal fishing nets. The Vaquita have one calf in the summer or spring every two years or more. Vaquita’s can also die because sharks eat them. Surprising there are only 30 left in the world and we need to make a difference. If we support the Vaquita by donating money or just spreading the world we can hopefully ban these illegal fishing nets!

Anyway back to the information. Vaquita’s are a type of marine mammal, which means that they live underwater but breathe on land. Vaquita’s need to breathe which is fine when they are awake but what if they are asleep? Their brain which is just like our is spilt into two halves. When a Vaquita is asleep one half of the brain is awake and the asleep. This means that the Vaquita can still continue breathing and can prevent itself from drowning. This is how it can sleep.

After all this information I hope that you have learnt a lot! 🙂

By Jack


Pacific white-sided dolphinCreative Commons License Yutaka Seki via Compfight