October 23

Money and credit cards


I’m going to talk about money and credit cards. Here is some information.

The ways we use money differently now are, you only have to tap your credit card on the machine and then you are basically done. A recent survey learnt that teenagers don’t know much about money and how to use credit cards. Interest is the money on top of the money you buy with, if you go to the shop and buy something, if you don’t pay the bank the amount you borrowed in a month you will have to pay more money than you have to. An interest rate is the money that you have to pay that is more than you borrow. Do you know how credit cards work? if you don’t this is how they work, a credit card is used for you to pay but if you doCreative Commons License CafeCredit.com via Compfight that means you use the banks money then you have to pay them back the money you used. I think more kids should learn about finance because when you are older you have to know how to use a credit card and money responsibly. Here are some words to do with money. Loans, finance, credit cards, interest, interest rates, financially, debits, cash, money, banks, common wealth, cents, dollars, ATM, VISA, government, afford and many more.Holding money in hands

October 19

My holidays


On my holidays I didn’t really do much but the things I did do were really fun like. I went ice skating with my brother and friend my friend’s name is Harry. I fell over six times more than most people but I didn’t start on the wall. I stopped once to eat and have a drink I loved the drink it was a strawberry and white chocolate hot chocolate. It was delicious.

I also had a sleep over at my friend’s house we played games like sharkbait, chasings and groundies. My friend is getting a new dog called Mack she already has a dog called Poppy as well. The next day I went home and went to my cousin’s birthday. Her birthday was at a playground it was really fun. Then me and my mum went shopping for Christmas presents and things we needed. My holidays were very fun and exciting!0m2_DSC6581 Dmitry Ryzhkov via Compfight Dmitry Ryzhkov via Compfight Dmitry Ryzhkov via Compfight Dmitry Ryzhkov via Compfight

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August 18

Science Talk by Zach


Here are some very interesting things Dr Karl talked about.

  • I found out was that there was a floating train in Bejing and it travels up to 450 kilometres per hour!
  • Another thing I found  out was that scientists can make working body parts out of a 3D printer!
  • Something I found really captivating was that an Australian scientist made wifi while he was looking for black holes!
  • He also told us that we could possibly live forever.


Dr Karl was amazing and I think he is great!PA153904 QEDcon 2016 Paul Jenkins via Compfight

August 10

London Eye

Zach here,

Here is some information on the London Eye.The London Eye was built for the Empire Of India Exhibition. It was opened on the 17th of july 1999 it was supposed to be similar to the original ferris wheel in Chicago. It is 135 metres tall and 120 metres in width. The London Eye is on the south bank of the River Thames. You can see alot of London from the top of the London Eye. The London Eye is the most popular paid attraction in the UK! I’ve been on the London Eye so I know that the view is beautiful! If you ever go to London go to the London Eye!

London EyeCycli Cycling Man via Compfight Darryl W via Compfightng Man via Compfight

August 8



I have done  a post about Hawaii, here it is.

I found out that there are only twelve letters in the Hawaiian alphabet! The Hawaiian flag has red, blue and white horizontal stripes and the union jack in the top left corner. The capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu. Hawaii has eight volcanoes still activeCreative Commons License Robert Linsdell via Compfight

Sandy Beach Park, Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu (503319)