August 18

Dr Karl!

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Hi everyone i’ts Helen here,

Last week our school went to a Dr Karl speech. He talked about a lot of stuff.  Some of the things he talked about were:

The Large hadron collider: The Large Hadron Collider a massive pipe where people shoot particles together to make them explode to try and create a tiny big bang.

Genetic science: Genetic science is the study of genes. He was talking about how in the future we could be able to make a Rottweiler dog have a Labrador puppy, or just change the Rottweiler into a Labrador!

The future: In the future he said we would be able to live for ever but a lot of questions were asked about over population. The answer to that question was we have to become a space going race but we cant do that until we fix global  warming (to get his point across he showed us a time lapse and a graph showing the ice melting and re freezing over about a decade and as it got towards the end it was melting more earlier and growing less later).

There was a lot more he talked about but if I typed it all it would take me a year and it would take up the whole blog! I hope you enjoyed my post!


P.S Why do you think he wears such colourful shirts? Comment your answer.

August 18

Dr Karl

Hi it’s Ainy and Shahaa,

On Monday 14th of August, our class went to a speech by a famous Australian scientist, Dr Karl.

Dr Karl’s  presentation was great but a bit confusing. He talked about a variety of things to do with subjects like, Manglev (a magnetic train), genetics, Hadron  Collider, computers, 3d printers, etc.

Manglev is a magnetic train located in Beijing that can travel up to 450km per hour whereas normal trains only go at approximately 210km per hour.

Scientist have made awesome 3d printers that can make functioning 3d objects. Recently they have become more popular. If  everyone had a 3d printer a lot of companies would go bankrupt and so will the economy. Scientists have also made fully functioning body parts with 3d printers.

Scientists have also cloned a sheep named Dolly and made a whole new sheep. Sadly the sheep died with some problems.

We also learnt that wifi was invented by an Australian trying to find out more about black holes!

In conclusion the presentation was amazing and we all learnt lots.


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August 18

Dr Karl

Hey Its Lilly,

Dr Karl’s talk was really interesting. I enjoyed the magnetic trains and living forever talks, because I knew that they had fast trains but not magnetic or floating. So I was really shocked about that.

Now with the living forever talk I thought that living forever might be pretty cool but if you think about it if you were to live forever you could die from starvation because other people would want food so you’d eventually die of no crops or trees. Also you’d feel pretty depressed because if you were the only one who could live forever you’d see all your family and friends die right in front of you. I also found the 3D printers pretty interesting because they’re taking over our lives by helping us.

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August 18

Dr Karl

 On Monday we went to a special science talk by Dr Karl. It was so interesting and we learnt so much in  1 hour and 30 minutes, he packed so much in  such little time. He loves to wear interesting colourful clothes and the  other day he wore an amazing top and  a rubrics cube belt.  He talked about many things such as  genetics, cloning, the hadron collider, politics, computers and floating trains in China. He talked about how some people got the DNA from one sheep and cloned it into another sheep.

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Thank you  for reading

by Olivia and Yanna

August 18

Dr Karl Speech

Hi it’s Hayden,

Dr Karl spoke about lots of things like computers and what they used to be like. Computers used to be huge and take up lots of space, like rooms and rooms. I found that interesting because today computers can be tiny.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PA153896 QEDcon 2016Paul Jenkins via Compfight   

By Hayden.