August 24

Climate Change is Happening!!

Hi its Ava here

Here are some of the things I picked up on. The Government controls money and our future. If you are really serious about stopping climate change you can write a letter to our Government!

If you are living by the coast you may have noticed more flooding. This is also due to climate change, here are two reasons why; melting ice and air pressure. People are saying there are three times as many floods as ten years ago. This is one of the things that will get worse if we do nothing about global warming.

Earth will become unliveable!!! You may be thinking, in Australia climate change isn’t really happening so it won’t affect you. If you are thinking this you are completely WRONG!! One third of Australia’s products are made in different countries, that’s cars, smart phones and material that we won’t get.

Something I found really unfair is that Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders who have done the least to provoke climate change are getting it’s effects first and worst!!

So spread the word climate change is happening and we need to do something about it!!!

You can help by composting food scraps-when food scraps go to land fill they release a gas called methane. Methane is a green house gas-, buy items that will last longer-this will insure less waste-and recycle!!!!!!!

Another thing you can do to spread the word is make a climate change story.  This can feature anyone with a good story, from a marine biologist to your next door neighbour.  Post your video on this website

Here are some more quirky quotes “If humans are causing the problem humans can fix it” “we have a responsibility and the ability to stop climate change!” “young people have no control over their future” 

if you read all of my post i’m very proud of you, I wouldn’t be able to sit still for that long!   thankyou so much for reading, Ava.This Beautiful Planet Part TwoCreative Commons License

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