August 7

Thank you

Sticky note - thank you!

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I have just spent a couple of hours introducing blogging to students in grade 4/5 Hortle and grade 6 Grace. The students listened well and learnt a lot about being safe on the internet as well as being good digital citizens.

Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • What is a blog and how it differs from a website – we watched a video from the last post on our blog
  • What is a URL and how to find your class blog by using the URL
  • Logging in to the class blog
  • Changing their profile – first name only no surnames at all
  • Changing password – make sure it is medium or strong and includes little letters, capital letters, numbers and characters – at least 8 in total
  • How to write a new post and include an image or video
  • How to leave a comment without logging in – need to know email address and anti spam word, first name only again
  • How to leave a comment when logged in
  • Adding categories and tags

What to do now:

  1. Log into your class blog
  2. Change your profile
  3. Leave a comment on a post
  4. Write your own post and submit it for review

As a class we need to make an ‘About Us’ page to introduce our class to the world.

We also learnt about these three blogs

Mrs Hortle’s class blog

Mrs Grace’s class blog

Sue’s student blog

Students: Time to comment –

What are some things you need to be careful about when blogging? What makes you internet safe or a good digital citizen?