Connecting with other classes

Are you and your class interested in

  • connecting with other blogging classes around the world?
  • adding interesting yet educational widgets to your blog?
  • using more web 2.0 tools in your posts?
  • reading what other students around the world are writing about?

Your answer is YES

Then join the September 2014 student blogging challenge.

First challenge set on Sunday 14 September.

Each week is a different topic with different activities to choose from.

Spreadsheet to find other classes and students to connect to by just clicking on a link to their blog.

If on holiday one week, miss those activities and come back to them later on.

No winner, just a chance to make connections and improve your blogging skills.

Click here to register your class blog. If any of your students have their own personal blog, they can register here.




New Links

You might have noticed a few new links added in the sidebar of this blog.

imagewidgetFirstly, a get help here button that you can add to your own blogs.

This button when clicked on will take students to an Australian government website about cybersafety.

To add to your blog> right click on the button on my sidebar and save the image on your computer.

Now open dashboard> widgets> image widget.

  1. Add title.
  2. Add image.
  3. Add caption about clicking here if you want to know more about cybersafety.
  4. Include link the button will take you to – find this by right click on my button and copy link or URL address.
  5. Make sure image is aligned to the centre.

Secondly, I have added some educator guides created by Edublogs management team for various social media you might want to be using in school.

Thirdly, I have added some links to DoE documents relating to using the internet, cybersafety and social media. Most of them need you to sign in before they will open.