Promo for principal

Does your principal know much about blogging?



Do you want to start blogging in your classroom?

Check out what Kent does in this advertisement. Maybe you could do something similar.


Perhaps they want to know more about the value of blogging in the classroom. Here is a great video from Mrs Yollis talking about just this.


Show your principal and other teachers how they can work together learning about blogging by doing the Teacher Challenge from Edublogs. Here is a link to their Blogging with Students Challenge. They give step by step instructions on how to set up your class blog as well as how to involve your students.

Remember you can also follow our Getting Started links in the header area of this blog.

Show your principal some of the blogs on the sidebar of this blog and show him/her how other classes are blogging around Tasmania and the world.

OK so you have decided to create a class blog then contact either Kent Poulton or Suzanne Wyatt via Dept of Education email and we will create your blog as part of the xpress360 setup.