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Happy St. Patrick Day Pug

Creative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight

Well St Patrick’s Day has been and gone for another year. I visited Ireland last year for about three weeks and visited some schools near Dublin and in counties Wicklow and Donegal. So on March 15, I sent out a tweet to the teachers I met


I then got a reply



While I was in Ireland, some students tried to teach me some Irish but they needed to write it in phonetic format for me to say it more easily.



How did I get to know Merry Beau?

That’s right , through blogging. Merry leaves comments in virtually every blog I tweet about and she has fantastic conversations with the students. Check it out here with Kendall and Nelly.

How can you make these overseas connections?

Join the student blogging challenge (see widget on sidebar) every March and September and connect with classes and students from all over the world.

Take part in activities like Global Read Aloud where teachers share common books to read to students.

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