Researching your ANZAC

Number 2460 RUSSEN, Alfred Charles

State Records of SA via Compfight

Now I am retired, I have plenty of time to be taking online courses. At present I am doing one entitled

World War 1: 100 stories

It is being run by Future Learn and is from Monash University.

Below are some resources we are using that might be helpful if you want your class to research a great great grandfather who might have fought in the Great War.

Australian War Memorial records for World War 1

Here is a link to the information sheet from the Australian War Memorial for family historians checking out Australian military history for World War 1. I would suggest this is your first step as it links you to so many other resources to use.

Service Records in Australia

When transcribing Aussie records, here is a glossary of abbreviations used. There are many sites to gather bits and pieces to build up your relatives service record. Here are a few:

To me the most interesting to use was Discovering ANZACs as you could search via the place they were born as well as where they enlisted. You could see the names of siblings joining from the same town.

Readers: Did you find a relative who served in World War 1? Did you check his service record? Were other members of his family also in  the war?

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