Using Flipboard Magazines

Do you read lots of posts on the internet and then forget where you found them? How can you collate all these interesting links in one place?

Create your own Flipboard magazine.

While reading the tweets from ISTE2015 and notatiste15, I have started collecting some interesting posts and images that some of you might enjoy looking at as well.

On the right sidebar I have the magazine and you can read on either your iPad or computer. On the iPad, you flip pages like a book, but on your computer you keep scrolling down the screen.

To read the full post just click on the main part or the title. This will open and allow you to comment as normal. If you want to save that to your own flipboard magazine click on the + sign or the envelope to email it to yourself.

If you create your own magazine, I would suggest you also download the bookmarklet so you can add posts easily when you are surfing the net. Make sure you check out Sue Waters educator guide for Flipboard – she describes everything you will need to know.

I also have a lot of other flipboard magazines. Just click on my avatar in the magazine and it will open to show them all. You can have private magazines as well.

How could you use the flipboard magazine in your classroom?

Keeping up to date

Im notatiste (1)

Over the last three years during June/July I have usually been attending the ISTE conference – this is the International Society for Technology in Education. They have created sets of standards for using technology in educational settings. Check them out here.

I have presented at the last 3 conferences at poster sessions about the student blogging challenge which I run twice a year.

But not everyone can afford to get to one of these conferences so how can you participate as a virtual attendee?

You could do one or more of the following things:

  • Join the Notatiste google community where you can create your own badge, take part in bingo as well as a notatiste challenge
  • On Twitter, follow the #Iste2015 or #Iste15 hashtags – I have just been on there this morning and three hours went by very quickly. You don’t need to join twitter just to follow the hashtags, keep remembering to refresh the page. You can also follow #notatiste15
  • Find out suggestions from Sue Waters at Edublogs on how to participate
  • Download the ISTE app, check out the program to see which sessions you would have liked to attend and see if there are any handouts or videos included
  • Sue Waters and her team are already flipping great articles and tweets into the ISTE Insights magazine – very easy reading and Sue is a great collator

Collaboration and learning from others is a necessary skill in our technological world. Why re-invent the wheel when others have already improved on it?

Something new I have already learnt from the notatiste community is about #periscope

I’ll leave you to find out about this yourselves.

How to … add a cyber pet

Here is a post with step by step instructions for adding a cyber pet as a widget on your blog sidebar.

1. Go to this website

2. Choose the pet you want by clicking on it.

3. Now customize your pet by changing colour, adding a name for the pet and putting in your name as the adopter.  You should be seeing on the left of the page what your changes will make your pet look like. It wont accept Capital Letters for names though.



4. Now choose other sites and click on copy code button.



5. Now the last step is to copy the code into your blog widget area. Go to your blog dashboard> appearance> widgets

Drag a text box to the sidebar where you want the pet to appear. Put in a title if you want and paste in the code that is on your clipboard – use control V.

Save and then close. Go to your blog, refresh the blog and you should now have your pet in the sidebar.


What other widgets would you like on your blog?

How to …. posts

How Do You Get Your Fish to Sing? Enokson via Compfight

Starting next term, I will be writing some posts for students in the online class on how to add a pet to their blog (already done), how to create a slideshow using animoto, how to add a poll or survey to a post and also how to add a video to a post.

I will also be cross posting them to here so you can see how they work as well.

If you use a great web tool on your class blog eg Zaption or padlet, you might like to write a post that I can then add here so everyone in the eLearning blog community can learn from each other and not re invent the wheel all the time.