Joining a global activity


Creative Commons License Lucy Gray via Compfight

So your class has now been blogging for about a year. Do you want to extend your students and start them branching out into the wide world outside of Tasmania?

Well here are a few global activities they could be participating in:

Student Blogging Challenge – register next week, starts beginning of October

Global Read Aloud world version – Aussie version – read about it here – runs over parts of October/ November – teacher needs to run this so will need to check out the links

International Dot Day – this is around September 15th

International Talk like a Pirate Day or weekend this year – falls on September 19th

Global Collaboration Day – falls on September 17th – check out the activities here

Also are your students into writing creatively online? Then go to Powtoon where they are giving away classroom accounts for free at the moment.