Coding in classrooms

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Part of the Australian Curriculum next year is computer science which includes coding.

What is this, you ask?

Computer science involves creativity skills, problem solving skills and logic. One way students can do this is by coding. There are literally hundreds of websites on the net about coding but I am going to include a few here.

 December 7-13

Computer Science Education Week


This is a chance for students and teachers to create something using coding. They include tutorials which you can do at any time over that week or any time of year in fact.

Here is the link to the How To Run an Hour of Code at your school.

Here is the 2015 Hour of Code video


There are also many other coding organizations your students can use. Tutorials are here on the Computer Science Education Week website, especially if you want to do more than one hour.

One teacher has a lesson plan about coding for young students based on Australian Curriculum and Scratch.

Here is a link to Code The Future which is a group of Aussie teachers and developers working together to help teach kids coding.

One of our young bloggers Denver is very keen on coding. Maybe he could help some very keen students from your class.

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    1. G’day Merry,
      Thanks so much for all these links. I am sure the teachers reading this will get some ideas to use with their students.

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