Adding students to your blog

3rd Qtr Honors Assembly Mar 13, 2009, 10-36 PM

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There are a few ways to add students to your blogs.

Adding a whole class of students who are not yet users in the eLearning blogging set up,  then check forms in the header area for a spreadsheet to fill in. When you send it back to Sue she will add the students in bulk. You only have to fill in certain columns so check which ones first.

A few new students to add or a new student comes later in the year, do the following:

  1. Go to blog dashboard
  2. Users
  3. Blog and user creator
  4. New user

Now you need to fill in some information:

Username – three or four letters representing your school, two numbers representing year the student will leave your school and the student first name  eg gou19vinnie or sor20annie or long18john

Email address – if you don’t know the email for your students go to – log in and students – click on the Northern or southern region, then the + sign in front of your school name – find your class and open that. All student emails will be there.

Password – you can choose your own for each student – maybe their mathletics, reading eggs, study ladder password. Or if you want students to create their own, put in password as the password and change this as soon as they login to the class blog.

User role – if you only want them to leave comments, then subscriber will do. If you want students to write posts for the class blog, then give them the role of contributor.

Adding students who already have a username in the eLearning set up, do the following:


  1. Go to blog dashboard
  2. Users
  3. Blog and user creator
  4. Existing user

You only have to fill in two things here – the student’s email address and the role you want them to have on your class blog





Welcome to …..

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Late last year I sent out a notice about running refresher blogging sessions in Launceston, Devonport and Hobart. I only got replies from those in Southern Tasmania who wanted a session but others from the north were unavailable at this time due to it still being holidays. Over the next few weeks I will be able to travel to the north if teachers contact me to organize a time.

So tomorrow, I will be running a beginner/refresher session at Goulburn Street Primary (thanks Julie). Included will be some bloggers who have been using a class blog for a few years and others will be starting a new one this year. I am hoping they will be making connections with each other as many will be similar age levels.

I will be recommending the new teachers then work through the “Setting up blog” pages on this blog and also the teacher challenge for blogging with students where there are some great videos as well as hints and tips.

For those teachers who are here for the refresher, I have created some symbaloos for them to check out different tools they could be using on their blog.

These symbaloos will be added in the header area under “Tools to use” Feel free to check these out and try them out on your blogs.

As you can see, the sessions are totally hands-on and I will be giving one-on-one help as required.