A new year begins …

and we have some new classes blogging.

So please check out these bloggers who are from the junior years of schooling. If you want to follow their blog posts, you will need to fill in the subscribe by email widget on the sidebar of their blog, as they have some of the higher privacy options.

1/2 Mrs Hennessy has been blogging for a couple of years but this is the first year she has opened it to those in our eLearning setup.

The next five teachers are all at the same school.

1/2 Mrs Moore has been blogging for a couple of years and has some students with their own blogs.  Some of her students from last year have moved on to –

3/4 Mrs Coe and Mrs McKibben who will be team teaching for the year. They have student blogs attached.

Prep/1 Mrs Strohfeld is a new blogger as is Prep Mrs Talbert. I am sure Mrs Moore and her blogging students will be giving help when asked for by these teachers.

When on a three day trip to the north of the state, this blog was started.

2/3 Miss Johnstone and I also had five of her students starting their own blogs which they will use as part of their school work as well as their own thoughts and passions.

You can find links to all these blogs on the sidebar of this blog.


Visitor maps


Now that the new year has started, many of you will have noticed that your old clustrmap needs replacing. This is because the clustrmap company has now changed hands and their maps will only be showing one month’s worth of visitors at a time. There wont be a cumulative total like there used to be.

Go to your blog dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag the clustrmap widget back into your available widget area or open the widget and click delete.

Maybe you want to change to a different map on your blog?

Thanks you Sue Waters from Edublogs for allowing me to adapt part of this post. You will need to read part of this post to know how to add other widgets by using the text box in your widget area.

Commonly Used Visitor Tracking Widgets

Visitor tracking widgets are popular on class blogs because:

  • Knowing you’re writing for a global audience is incredibly motivating for students.
  • Realizing people from other countries are reading what they’ve written increases students’ interest, excitement and motivates them to blog.
  • It also provides built-in geography lessons — most students constantly check for new visitors and enjoy finding out more about the countries where their visitors are from.

It’s quite common to see class blogs use more than one visitor tracking widget as each widget provides different information about visitors to the blog.

Here’s a quick overview of the most commonly used visitor tracking widgets on class blogs:

 Flag Counter Flag Counter widget shows the total number of visitors from each country next to the country’s flag. Every time someone from a new country visits your site, a new flag will be added to your counter.  Clicking on the flag counter takes you to your Flag counter page which provides more detailed charts and information about your visitors.
 Feedjit Feedjit Live Traffic Feed displays visitors to your blog in real time and includes: Which city and country your visitors are in; Which website they arrived from, if any; Which page they visited on your website; Which external link they clicked to leave your site, if anyYour traffic feed is updated as each visitor arrives on your site. This update occurs before it loads so each of your visitors can see their own location displayed.Clicking on the Feedjit Live Traffic counter takes you to your Live traffic page which provides more detailed information including the countries associated with web visitors’ IP addresses, the web browser, computer operating system, and referring website.
Revolver Map Revolver Map displays all visitor locations and recent hits live and in realtime on a revolving globe of the Earth. A click on the widget opens the live statistics page. The map can be a flat earth or a globe that revolves.

widgettrack2 widgettrack3