Why use a Voki?

What is a Voki you might ask?

A Voki is a talking avatar or widget you can add to your sidebar or in a post.  Here is an example I created earlier today.

There are many ways in which Voki can be used in your classroom.

  • You can have students create the free version and then send you the code or permalink to add it to your class blog. Students can either type in their message or use a microphone and speak it directly into the Voki.
  • You can create a Voki Classroom where you have total control over the vokis students create – this costs money every year.

Here are some links regarding pricing and FAQs about Voki.

Visit  Mrs Moore’s blog – Easter around the world to see Voki in action on both sidebar and in post.

I will be writing a step by step guide for creating a free Voki and it will be in the Students as Bloggers blog within the next week.

Remember to leave a comment here saying where you could use a Voki in class.


Introducing you to …

Our new magazine showing off the posts of our blogging students around Tasmania.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

This is a Flipboard magazine which is open to the world but I don’t advertise it on Twitter or anywhere so probably will only be seen by classes here in Tasmania.

I began this magazine when we had out previous blogging setup but I have deleted the posts from those students and decided to start fresh from this year.

To add posts to this magazine, I look at the posts created by students on class blogs and students who have their own blog – if they are a great example of writing for the age of the students involved, then I flip the post.

Hope you enjoy reading the stories and information from this magazine. You can add the code to your own blog and have it on the sidebar in a text box.