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Glossary for blogging with students

The prompt for this week’s EdublogsClub is to write about your office or classroom. As I am no longer a full time teacher, I don’t have a classroom. Instead I work wherever and whenever.

Since retiring at the end of 2011, I am now employed one day per week to teach blogging to interested teachers and students around Tasmania. I go to them; sometimes they come to me. I work in a classroom, a library, a computer lab or maybe at a coffee shop.

To do this I have to be organized. So I try to have everything written in blog posts on this, my work blog. If I am running a day training session or refresher course, one post will give the outline for the day including links. This means teachers of all levels can start where they want and progress as slowly or as quickly as they need. They can also get one to one help if they get stuck but they can also work together and help each other.

When working with students I generally go to their school and start off the blogs with them personally but for it to work well, they need a teacher who is also keen on blogging and allows them time in class to use them.  Sometimes I work online with students through a Blackboard Collaborate room where they login via a link and they then can share their work with me even though I might be 300 kilometres away from their school.

If a teacher wants some one on one help I can meet at their house or a local coffee shop with wifi or I can use the Blackboard Collaborate room with them as well. More often though, they email me their problem and we sort it out that way as I am on my email at least 12 hours per day.


6 thoughts on “My office or not”

  1. When meeting with a teacher, do you prefer meeting on their turf (classroom, school’s library, etc.) or a neutral site?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Doesn’t really matter to me, wherever the teacher feels comfortable. Sometimes it is during a time off in school so go to their office or the children are out of the classroom so go there instead. I am used to doing meetings in lots of places like Skype with Sue Waters when I first began blogging, or Google Hangouts with bloggers I have met overseas, but many teachers starting blogging are not comfortable using those tools yet, so I go to them wherever they like. I often stay the night in a motel and organize to visit another school the next day to make it worthwhile. To drive from Hobart to Launceston only two and half hours or to the North West coast add on another hour or so.

      1. That’s the beauty of things like Skype and google hangouts hey?! The ability to “meet” with anyone, anywhere, anytime! People like me appreciate the flexibility people like you offer. I would struggle with a nomadic type of office space. Lol! I prefer to be in my own space.

      2. Hi Sheila,
        If I had to do it as a full time job, I might have different feelings. But being retired and only doing it one day per week, it means when I travel I can make it like a holiday and stay an extra day or so to see the scenery in the area I am in.

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Because they start their blog in school, they tend to think they can only use it during school time. This is often a downfall especially if they move classes and don’t have a teacher used to blogging. I try to get the students to blog about their passions and things they enjoy rather than their school work. Some teachers will accept work written on the blog rather than handed in for assessment. The students need to realise the blog can be written on any day of the week and in any place eg home, school, holidays etc.

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