Refresher day

Welcome to the first refresher day for 2017. I am going to use the blog for the agenda and links for you to go to. So let’s get started:

Introduce yourself by leaving a comment on this post.

  • What is your name?
  • The school you work at?
  • Role at that school?
  • Grade or subjects taught?
  • What you want to do with blogging in your class or school?

On the padlet post board below, leave a sticky note about what you want to learn from today?


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If at the refresher day with staff members from the same school, put together a list of ways to use padlet on your blog. Or work in a small group to do similar activity. Here is how a student, Ashlin, uses Padlet on her blog.

Depending on if you are a new class blogger or continuing a previous class blog, check where to go next:

Updating last year’s blog:

Remove previous students – dashboard> users>all users – tick box in front of names of students who have left your class then up the top bulk delete

Add new students in bulk – if you have more than 10 then use the form found up in the pages area of this blog – forms and letters. Once you email the form to me, I can add the students in bulk.

Add new students one by one – dashboard> users> blog and user creator Remember to give students username and password similar to what is mentioned in the forms section above.

Write a new post introducing the new year for school – perhaps mention what you expect to be doing with blogging etc throughout the year. Remember great posts will have exciting title, image or video included and a question at the end to answer in the comments.

Delete any widgets that are no longer necessary or that you get students to choose during class. Check out this new post by Sue Waters from Edublogs about widgets on class blogs.

New bloggers

If you don’t have a class blog yet, check with Sue to get one created.

Have a look at the following blogs. Each one is different in how they are used in the classroom.

Mrs Hennessy and her noisy bird use the blog to communicate with parents, mention what is happening in class and websites they could use at home.

Mrs Moore has a lot of posts written by her students – I usually visit the class at the beginning of the year, teach a few students about blogging then they become the experts for the other students.

This is my student bloggers blog where I write how to posts and answer any questions students might have about blogging. I used to have a weekly online class with students who had their own blogs.

Working at College level, Rob used the class blog to give instructions to students but also to showcase their work.

This teacher at Franklin primary had a blog about raising chickens, so you might decide to have a special blog for just a short period of time. At Princes Street Primary they began a blog about their garden.

Time to start setting up your new blog: In the pages above the header of this blog you will see Setting up blog. Here I have listed the steps you need to follow to get your blog organized. Many of these are one off activities. Get help from Sue or the more experienced bloggers if you get stuck.

The rest of the day is practical.

  • Ask questions about blogging
  • Look at other blogs
  • Write some interesting posts
  • Look at the teacher challenges especially using blogging with students
  • Find out some tools to use that have embed code for your blog eg padlet, YouTube. I have some in the pages section Tools to use
  • Check out the Help and Support user guide for Edublogs

7 thoughts on “Refresher day”

  1. Name: Rom
    School: Edzone Online
    Role: Teacher
    Grades: 7 -10 all subjects
    Primary Goal: Engagement and communication.

  2. Hi my name is Mrs Hennessy. I teach at Sorell school. I am a classroom teacher. This year I have a grade 1/2 composite class. I want my students to be skilled in blogging and communicating with each other.

  3. Hi, I am Linda Fyfe. I am working with EdZone Online. We are excited about using blogging to share our young people’s work with their permission.

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