Still here to help

G’day blogging teachers in Tasmania,

This year I am no longer employed by the department to do blogging. This was my choice as they asked me to change role with less blogging involved.

I am, though, prepared to continue helping those teachers I have worked with over the last 7 years. I will be able to visit you at school but not necessarily work with the students.

Hopefully later in the year, there will be PD for teachers about using blogs in their classroom and I might be involved with that so keep a look out there.

If students have questions about their blogs, we could organize a Google chat or Skype or they can send me an email.

I will be doing more work on my family history blog this year as well as transferring information from a wiki on Sorell (wikispaces now closing) onto a blog that will be open to the world.

Hoping to hear from some of you soon – check my email on the sidebar of the blog.

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